Kimonos are Back in Stock!

September 29, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Our gorgeous kimonos are back in stock just in time for the new season! And Maria has some fabulous accessorising ideas (of course she does!). 

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid dissapointment.

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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you've all been well. Now we've got some items back in stock and it is so exciting because it's been very, very hot, very hot. I can't believe all the... Can you see how long my hair's growing? Still in lockdown here, but I'm embracing it. I'm embracing the long look. Yes. Just sometimes, this is a fresh blow dry and it's really long. I like it when I curl it a little bit. Anyway.

So back to business. We've got some beautiful kimonos back in stock, in modal only, unfortunately, but the viscose are not too far away, I've been assured. Now this is the Palm Leaf in the beautiful green in the modal. So nice, would you. Like, seriously. So, so lovely. One of my faves, actually, one of my absolute faves. And what I've chosen to do is pop on the Champagne because it's got beautiful shades of pink here as my mom very elegantly pointed out to me. So the Champagne looks amazing with it, as well as the Sea Green Crystal, which I absolutely love.

Now let's get another color combo going. Isn't it just amazing what a difference color can make. It's just incredible. So for example, I'm going to start to accessorize for the next color that I'm going to show you and you'll see how much of a difference it can make. So I just had the Green and the Champagne. I'm going to put the golden. Oh, I know what I'm going to do.

So for now, we've only got the Sapphire in yellow gold magnets, unfortunately. We are waiting on more stock to arrive. But I mean, with yellow gold, it's beautiful. Anyway, so let's do... Okay. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to put a mini connector instead of a connector in the back of this, because what I really want to do... When I say mini connector, I mean one of these. These come in pairs, the mini connectors, and they're so you can add extra length here and there, especially for pendant wearing. But what I'm going to do, I'm just going to get one of them, not the pair, put it here instead of the connector. The Sapphire has the connector, the Satin Yellow has the mini. Now what that does, it makes them alternate the way they sit beautifully. Would you look at that. That. Look at that. Isn't that gorgeous?

Okay, there we go. That hanging down like that. So what do you think we've gotten back in stock that's going to look fantastic with Yellow Gold and Sapphire? We got the Yellow Flowers back in. My goodness, this been requested for a lot. Turns out there's quite a few yellow-loving women out there. So here we are here, in the modal, like I said, just these back in the modal for the time being. It's got the most beautiful, fresh combo of yellow, pink, more like, what did we call it, like a rose color, sapphire, navy, just divine. And oranges of course. So really lovely and fresh. We're calling this the Yellow Flowers in the kimono. This is back in and there will be some viscose on their way soon.

Now last but not least that's back in stock is the... Oh. Well, how can I forget this. The Navy Japanese Fan, which actually goes beautifully with this as well. But let me just change one thing, the Navy Japanese Fan. So as you know, we've had this design in a few styles because it's just been so good. The actual design itself is amazing. Don't forget too, of course, you can always wear a single color with it. But what I really am wanting to do is pop the Raspberry. The Raspberry Crystal looks amazing with every single Japanese Fan kimono, because all the fans are like a burgundy color. Look at this. So there's burgundy, running spotted all the way through this kimono. So just beautiful and yeah, really, really nice. Just beautiful. So it's always lovely to see these.

I'm going to try a little trick. My mom has also... Mom, you're getting mentioned again in the videos. She is the queen of layering, blousing, zhuzhing. We were having a chat about this because we can't even see each other. We've divided all the staff into teams so we don't overlap with the whole COVID thing. You know how it is. A lot of businesses are doing that in Australia. And so what she said was even with the kimono, so she was showing how to zhuzh with the capes and the scarves. But she said even with the kimonos, you can also... It's to create the illusion, she said. It's to create the illusion of shape where possibly there isn't any.

Now, I'm going to leave it to you to see what you think. I've actually already asked her to create a video for me. I'm not sure how flattering I've got this happening. Let me have a look in the bigger mirror. Oh, actually it's not bad. I've got a bigger mirror there. I need to get a full length to work with, but that's not bad. But anyway. So we have the green Palm Leaf, the Navy Japanese Fan, as well as the Yellow Flowers back in stock. It's so lovely to have these popular kimonos back.