Learn How to Prettify Your Capes & Scarves With a Belt

October 28, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Maria shares some fabulous ideas and tips on styling your capes and scarves using a simple belt! Watch and try them yourself!


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(Video Transcript)

Now we have discovered some beautiful new styling for the capes and the scarfs in the Sparkle Sisterhood. Now you've heard me mention a thousand times our Sparkle Sisterhood group. We share a lot of really cool ideas in there. So I just want to show you a couple of new things that we discovered in some styling tips. Now, one of the Sparkle sisters was kind enough to send my mom... Yes, my mom and my sister get in on the action when it comes to the emails, sorry, their lives. And my mom loves to zhuzh fabrics, to get it all happening, to change the look of them by catching with a bobby pin or putting a few stitches in just to make it really interesting. Now, she was sent a double belt, which is like a double wrap around belt, by a lovely woman in the Sparkle Sisterhood. I think she might have mentioned something once and she took it upon herself to send her one, which was really, really sweet.

So, mom has been styling her little butt off and what she's come up with, is this. So she tucks in one side of the cape completely, right? So I'm wearing just a singlet underneath and I've left it hang long. Then, you get the other side and you just nip and tuck a little bit here and there to create quite a different look. So I'm wearing the Jade Garden Cape, and I'm wearing it along with the malachite, the raspberry and the raspberry link. So how cute is that? And it creates quite a different look. The back is still left long and it's just lovely. Now we also tried a few different ideas as well. Now let me have a quick little undo here. So another one of our staff members actually decided... She was playing as well. She gets creative as well, and she actually likes to get these bits, tie them under, to create like a bit of a shrug look at the front, just a single little loose knot underneath.

And she creates a little shrug look at the front, fantastic for arm cover. And it just allows you to have that cover at the back and very, very, very flattering look, it doesn't hide out. It doesn't show anything. It's just lovely. And then the other thing she does was she actually ties it on the outside. So this is all very interesting to be doing without mirrors. So ties it on the outside and... Okay, tightens it up and then zhuzhes it out. These are the technical terms, mind you. And you get a little bit of a [boofot 00:02:44] effect at the back. How cute is that? And then again, it's the shrug look from the front. So that's really, really cute. Now back to the double belt idea. You can also do it when it comes to scarves.

So this is the gorgeous fine wool pebble scarf, wrap it around. And once again. So you get your belt, whether it's a double belt or a single belt or even ribbon. The main thing is that it's thin, unless you've got a fantastic waistline and you want to wear a wide. Fantastic look too. But thin just allows you to pretty much cover the belt actually, and just create some styles.

So here you go, so you blouse it over, that one is completely tucked in and then you just get a little bit of this side, zhuzh it in just like that. And it just... It actually goes from scarf to top. How cute is this? And because the fine wools, along with the modal silk, so this is also going to work with a modal silk scarf. And nice and wide. You are covered at the back as well. So there you go. So enjoy styling, go and get your belts, thin belt or a piece of fabric or a piece of ribbon, whatever you think. And yeah. Have a little play and let us know if you come up with any different ideas as well.