Learn How to Style Capes and Scarves With a Belt

September 17, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Get Maria's ingenious tips and tricks for styling your favourite capes and scarves with a belt!

(Video Transcript)

So, while I normally hold jewelry up like that, today I'm holding up just a fine, normal belt, thin and really just a plain belt. You can use a ribbon or whatever you think, just as long as it holds itself in place. Now, what we're going to do is we're going to give a little shape to the capes and the scarves that we've got using this gorgeous belt.

Now, what you're going to do is, I'm wearing a singlet and pants, you can be wearing a skirt whenever you like. You just wrap it around the waist or mid body section, do it up, not snug, but just so it's not going to move anywhere. You want to be comfortable, that's for sure. And then this is where the magic comes in. So let's just drape one side in, pop it in. And once it's on, it's never stuck in place, you can actually play with it once you've got it on. So that's that part there.

By the way, I'm wearing the Jade Garden Cape, beautiful combos of green and little touches of a ruby red. And I'm wearing the raspberry link and the sea green link to accessorize it. And then you get the other side of the Cape, right? Pop that in as well. Now it doesn't have to be symmetrical, it doesn't have to be neat and tidy. But look at that, you've instantly got this little top effect. Now, whether you want to have the belt showing, not have it showing, whether you want to have it just really nice and comfy, and whatever, whichever way you want to, it is absolutely fine and it's just so cute. You just create this really fabulous look. The back is still hanging long. We have tried it with the belt along the outside of the back, but it just is a lot of fabric back there. So we just thought best to leave it as is.

And by the way, my mum came up with this idea. In the Sparkle Sisterhood, she is affectionately known as da mama. And don't forget, if you want to come over there, you are more than welcome to join us in the Facebook group Sparkle Sisterhood. Now, and just love this.

Now, next. This actually started when mum did the, she used a fine wool scarf. So let's grab, make sure... We don't need to undo the belt. Let's grab a fine wool scarf. She grabbed the animal print scarf, this is one of her and my favorites. If you don't know already, we're actually mutual queens. Let's accessorize properly, shall we? Let's do that. And perhaps pop in the brown agate. Brown agate looks amazing with all sorts of animal prints. Take the sea green link off. And then let's pop in a link with brown stones just with one connector. So that's the golden crystal with the brown stone link. Just amazing.

Right, now, let's do the same thing again. So you're going to have it around your shoulders as though you're wearing it as a wrap, and then pop this in, tuck it under, right? And then get the other side, I've still got the tag on this, and then tuck that under too. Now, I'm just going to get rid of the tag. Okay. That's better. Now, let's cross it over a little bit. Now in the words of my mum, you tuck and zhuzh and pull, and that is what gets your scarf in the right place. But basically, if you've got a nice full mirror, which I don't and you just play with it until you like it. And so whether you want to wear a point off to the center, drape it more in the middle, it's totally up to you.

Now, the fantastic thing about this is, from the back you cannot see the belt, which is really good. You don't want to see the belt, especially from the back. And so here you go, look at this. So I've turned a really plain singlet into a top. Now the fine wool's fantastic because it really does want to sit in place. And obviously if you need to hold it in different sections, you can always grab something like a chain extender or a glass ring. And for example, I'm wearing my singlet strap, or you can use your bra strap or whatever you like, because you do want to wear something underneath, girls. Come on, you do.

So then you can actually get the glasses ring, tuck it around, and make sure you've got the strap inside and let the magnet fasten on either side of it. And that will hold it in place looking just like that. Really, really easy. That's going to hold it in place, that's not going anywhere while that magnet's there. Okay? Super easy. And you definitely would need this with a silk scarf because they're more slippery, they're more shiny, really, really lovely.

Now let me show you with a silk scarf. Now, we don't need to undo the belt. There we go. So I'll show you with the olive, with the olive scarf. This is divine. We're making this into a kimono, this print, watch this space. Now, I like the navy up against my face. Now again, let's just style this for a sec. So I'm going to take off the link, the brown agate, pop in the sea green. And this time get the gorgeous cream pearls to bring out the beautiful brightness in this scarf, which is just so lovely.

Now let's go again. So we've got the scarf. Now the silk scarves are not as wide as the fine wool, but they still really do the trick. So tuck in, zhuzh, pull. So now whether you want to cover up the belt and blouse it a little bit more, right? Or whether you want to have the belt showing as a feature, totally up to you, and look at the back. You actually... You want to wear it like, okay, that's better. You actually want to wear it with the silk hanging down and the belt right now is up to here, which is fantastic because really in normal wearing, you're not going to see it, which is wonderful. You don't want to see the belt from the back. Okay? So this can be done with capes, fine wool scarves, and silk scarves, and you can create really essentially it's a top kind of effect from your scarves. So have fun, go get something thin and long and tie it up and have a play.