Meet Our Lariat and Austrian Crystal Pendants and Silk Tops!

September 29, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, I am excited to introduce to you our new divine Lariat Pendants, our sparkling Austrian Crystal Connectors and Pendants, and our beautiful Palermo Silk Tops.💖

💎Add that elegant touch to your styling with the Lariat Pendants  made up of man-made gold stones and soft gold shell pearl, and the Austrian Crystal Connectors and Pendants which come in different stones and crystals to add sparkle 💎 and create endless designs with the 10 Way Necklace.💖

Also, meet the beautiful Palermo Silk Tops with their stunning sequins detail. These Italian made silk tops come in gorgeous colours and are amazing to accessorise!

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Watch Maria demonstrate the new products and share her favourite ways to style them!

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(Video Transcript)

Well, the products we are launching this week are divine. It's this silk top that comes in a few different colors, which I will show you, and beautiful lariat ends. These are gorgeous and some Austrian crystal in a pendant and a connector. So let's get started. And the beautiful thing is they all go together. So the lariat ends, they are divine. They are a goldstone. Now, a goldstone is a man-made stone. And look at the beautiful sparkle in that. Just beautiful. Then we've got a matte shell pearl right there. And then another goldstone. They're sold in pairs. Well, they are lariat ends, so you can actually put, excuse me, a glasses ring, right here. So what you do is you take the lariat ends off, pop your piece through the glasses ring, and then put the end on. Regardless of whether it's crystals, pearls, whatever, you don't want to be pushing something through a ring, because you risk damaging and chipping it.

So that's just a little bit of care right there. So you can have two like that, and it's just beautiful. Now, next on the list. We've got the beautiful copper Austrian crystal connector. Now, look at these. They're beautiful. They're little ovals in a crystal. Yes, they can be worn as a bracelet. You can easily pop this on. I'm just going to grab the champagne in the rose gold. So grab a connector from one of your other 10-way necklaces, put it on the back and wear it as a bracelet. Really lovely. Of course, being careful to knock it. I wouldn't recommend this for everyday wear, but more as a bit of a dressy, going out thing. It's really beautiful. And, of course, you can buy them in twos and have them as a bracelet. Buy a couple, have them as a bracelet, and the same piece goes all the way around.

Now, of course, you can always pop this in to your stylings. So whether you would like to wear it in your lariat styling like that, see how they go together? The color of this picks up on the goldstone, so beautifully. Now, let's go back to styling with two. You can always make this a little more... Now, I hope you are all styling with a mirror. Okay, a camera will only let me style so far without being able to see properly. A mirror which I've got just below there will help immensely. So look at that. So I've got the one connector here, one connector hanging down. Let's grab the connector from the rose gold. Pop this back up top, because you could make a lariat styling as long or as short as you want. So cute. Then last but not least, in the pendant collection that we launched today, there's the same color, exactly the same color in a pendant style.

So then, whether you want to, for example, let's take the connector out, and put this here instead. Now, there are so many different ways that you can style this. I mean, that's the whole thing about the 10-way necklace range. There's the pendant there. So let me just put this back kind of at the beginning to give you a really good idea of what you can do individually without the lariat ends, for the pendant, as well as the connector. So let's say, for example, we've got the matte Rose gold 10-way necklace from the beginning. So whether you want to just add in, for example, a copper connector to the side, that's what we're calling this, the copper connectors. So to the side. Beautiful. Then whether you wanted to have a pendant to the other side, that's it. There you go. That's just so you could see the ratio of the two together, then pendant by itself.

Beautiful. Then whether you wanted to add the triple strand above or below is divine. And, of course, this is going to go with so many different colors. And, of course, this can be added as a sort of pendant style as well with just a bit more detail than the average pendant, because there are three. So let's move along, shall we? That just gives you a little bit of an idea of what these are capable of. So here is the silk, we're calling this one the Palermo, because it's close to Sicily but not quite the same. And when I say Sicily, I mean, the Sicily tops that we originally had in stock. Very, very similar kind of look. So you've got the silk top. The Sicily top that we have in stock now, we're not quite sure if we're going to continue with the Sicilys, have a sparkly waistband, it's basically a clear sequence at the waist as well.

And the shoulder detail here, they're shorter, and they only fit to a size 16. So when I found this company, it does almost exactly the same top, and these fit a size 22, up to a size 22. So I'm a 10 to 12. So the range of sizing is beautiful, the back sits longer. There is no sequence detail at the waist, but I figure, because we've had that many requests to have tops that fit a larger size in this, especially, gorgeous. Now, of course, you can cinch it in at the waist with your pants, pop it to the side, wear the detail here or just let it hang. They really are beautiful and here are the colors, they come in, we have the white, we also have the wheat color, which is really beautiful.

It was so hard to pick a name for this. It's almost like a very, very soft champagne. Again, here's the sequence detail there, and in case you wanted to see it together with the white, it is a very strong difference, quite stark as white is. And then you've got the wheat, which is just a tone softer if you like that sort of thing. Now, here's the next color. This is the sage, One of my absolute favorite, favorite colors in the world. I love like sage. In Australia, we call it khaki. Just beautiful. As you can see, it's see-through here. All our Italian silk clothing come with a built-in top underneath to stop anything from showing through, from being see-through at all.

So the sleeves, there you go. You can get a sheer kind of idea of the arm. However, the body itself is 100% covered. Really, really lovely. Now, I think the company is going to be discontinuing this color for the next few months until their next season, after this season. And other colors are going to be coming in, a couple of other colors. I think fuchsia, and a soft green, but more of a minty slash emerald green. So, if you like this, I would grab it now. I can't promise when we can get it back, again. And so for the moment, last but not least, we also have black. Here you go. So for all the black lovers out there, how elegant is this? Just beautiful.

Really, really nice and lovely. And don't be afraid to put a pop of color on the black. It's really nice just to lift it, especially a top like this, where there's no print, there's nothing busy happening. This is even a very soft detail. So there's a necklace pop down long, and it just adds a little bit of focus. So I hope you enjoyed these products. Please know that if they're no longer on the website, it means we have actually run out of stock, and we just don't know when we can get more in. So I hope you enjoyed these pieces.