Meet Our New Fabulous Square Crystal Pendants

April 11, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, we've got a surprise! Say hello to our new stunning Square Crystal Pendants in Light Colorado Topaz, Caramel and Black for our 10 Way Necklace range. 🤎

The earthy neutral tones are perfect and very easy to style with all your favourite pieces. 

The stocks are very low, so make sure you order them now!

Watch Maria demonstrate the new pendants and share her favourite ways of styling them.

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Square Foil Back Pendant

Square Foil Back Pendant

Square Foil Back Pendant
Light Colorado Topaz


(Video Transcript)

Here's a new product that we've just gotten, and we're not quite sure how much longer we can have them for, because suppliers are quite low. So, if you like them, I suggest you jump on them, especially if you're a bit of a neutral queen like me that loves all their earthy tones. Now, this is the light Colorado topaz. Let's just call it Colorado. Okay? It's a mouthful for me. That's the caramel right there, and then you've got the black, which is a solid black. These two are foiled at the back, so they've got the foil there, which really gives them that beautiful sparkle, a square crystal with a nice checkerboard effect on top.

So now, I'm going to show you how they look with different colors, so you can get the eye idea of what they're like, and if you like them. So, you've got the Colorado over here, the caramel over there, and then let's just swap one of them out with a black, and the black's going to go with everything, gives more of a punch to the color, and that's just beautiful there. So, of course they're going to go with all three metal colors, just because of their neutralness, their subduedness. There it is with the rose gold, and here it is with these... Actually, let's go with the platinum crystal, just to give you an idea of how they sparkle with something a bit more silvery, because they are such a warm color.

Now, like we said before, that's the Colorado, that's the black, which I mean, wow, it's beautiful, and then if you wanted to go and see the caramel, really beautiful. It's always going to be personal preference as to what you like with what, what you will wear with what, and how you like to mix your tones, and that's the freedom that the 10-way necklace range gives you, as you know. So, let's see it with the champagne. Really lovely. Very, very soft, neutral crystal here with the champagne. Here is once again, the caramel. Whoops. No, that's a Colorado. There you go. That's a Colorado. Then you've got the caramel on this side. Oh wow. That is really, really nice. So lovely, and of course, like we said, the black will go with absolutely everything. So, so nice.

Now let's just have a play with something. I want to see if I grab the black crystal, and if you wanted to pop that into the side to balance off the square, could you do something like that? Would you always wear them in pairs? Do you prefer symmetrical? Some people have to wear their styling balanced. Absolutely they've got to be side by side, perfectly symmetrical. Other women will find this beautiful and lovely. Excuse me. It doesn't bother them at all. And because we're all about personal taste here, there's no wrong decision, it's just completely up to you.

Now let's look at the smoky topaz. That's a darker, beautiful color. Really, really nice, and just divine. Now, once again, caramel. Oh, hello. Very, very nice. Then you've got the Colorado over here. Lighter color, still beautiful and warm, but lighter, definitely lighter. And then something's just occurred to me, what if you did all three on one side? Of course, you would need to be the kind of person that doesn't mind it being asymmetrical. I really like that. I think it's very, very elegant, even if you wanted to wear it shorter, perhaps with at least one connector in it. Wow. Oh, girls. That is so nice.

So we've done the three metals. Excuse me. The champagne, let's give the golden crystal a try, shall we? So, there and there. So beautiful. I think it's safe to say these three colors go together. So, pretty much, and as far as the Colorado goes and the caramel goes, whatever one goes, with the other will go with. Now, if you were wanting to do it with a pop of color, like for example, teal, emerald, they're going to go. Really, don't be afraid to try different colors with color, and wow. Especially when it comes to the black, because as we all know, black really does go with everything.

I really wanted to try something like the orange agate, something warm, more of a stone, a bit more casual, and let's just see how that looks. So, oh, wow. So there's the Colorado there, and then you've got the black, black's going to go with everything, and let's give the caramel a little look in at the bottom. Wow. Really, really nice. So soft. So anyway, these are available now. Click the link below, but if you do like them, please order quickly, because stocks are quite low.