Meet Our New Orange Agate Range

March 03, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


The Orange Agate range is here, and it’s simply stunning! 🧡

As always, Maria shares some fabulous ideas and tips for styling the 10 Way Necklace and its accessories with other jewellery and fashion pieces. Get ready for some unexpected and fantastic combinations! 

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Orange Agate


(Video Transcript)

Ooh, this is the orange agate. Now, let's get some focus in there. Oh my goodness! Now, the beautiful thing about orange agate, which has just been released, is the shades of orange and even white that get thrown into this one stone. Just beautiful. Now, I wanted to show you up close with the silver magnets, the rose gold, and the yellow gold, just so you can see exactly what you would be ordering if you're interested. Here it is in the silver. Really, really lovely. I think the white allows the silver to look just as good as everything else.

Just beautiful. Really, really nice there. I'll pop this on quickly. There you go. It just adds a pop of color, which is so nice. And as you can see, it goes very nice with tan. Just saying. Then we've got the rose gold. Beautiful. So, so lovely. No brainer there that the rose gold, of course is going to look amazing with the orange agate. Gorgeous. And last but not least, let's look at the yellow gold. So nice. Look at that. Really, really, really nice. Beautiful way to bring out the stone in this beautiful color.

Now, of course, it's going to come with tassels, long strands, beads, connectors. The one thing we didn't do was we didn't do earrings, because the grade of the agate changes so much that it's really difficult to team up colors, because everyone wants their earrings matching in color. If you're in desperate need of a pair, please send us an email and we will make some up for you. But on a large scale, it's very, very hard to get earrings happening in this gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous agate without getting the tones wrong.

Hope you understand. Now, as far as matching colors goes... By the way, look at this tassel. There you go. Isn't that beautiful? Beautiful. Just lovely. Now, as far as mixing and matching colors go, where do you start and where do you stop? Just so beautiful. Here it is up short. I'm going to leave some of it long so you can see, whether it's on fabric or on the skin. Really, really beautiful look. Now, here you go. I just want to show you some colors together with it. Now, let's go for rose gold, satin rose gold.

So, so pretty. Look at that there. Oh my gosh! That's just amazing. Now, out of curiosity, let's look at the satin yellow gold. Now, don't forget, of course, it's always going to be... Oh, that's divine too. Really nice. Now, it's always going to be a personal preference as to what you like too, as to how you wear it and what you wear it with. Let's look at satin silver. Like I said, because of the white, I think you can match it up a little bit with some silver, especially depending on what you are wearing.

Don't forget, matching up different things with different colors allows you to do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do. For example, here's the orange butterfly scarf. By the way, I'm pretty sure all these have been moved to the sale section. The sales section. Now, because I'm wearing this, it allows me to put on raspberry with that. See how it just lends itself because of imitating it in the fabric? Look at the sea green with it.

Colors that you may not have ordinarily put together, but because we are mirror imaging it from the fabric, beautiful. We could go on and on. Purple and orange, I'm sure all you purple lovers, definitely wear purple with your... Sorry, orange with your purple. I think that's a bit of a no brainer. Really, really nice. What other colors do we have here? The blue agate. I'm really curious to see how that will look. I wouldn't have thought to put one busy stone, meaning lots of shades, with another busy stone.

I would've preferred to you put a plain color with a busy stone, but look at this. So pretty. Natural stones together is something really, really lovely. And again, the blue is in the fabric, so it looks fantastic there. Maybe you wouldn't wear it on its own like that, but it's looks pretty good actually. You know one thing I've learned with all this? Never say never. You just don't know what you could end up doing, styling, showing what colors you're going to end up showing together.

The fantastic thing is, is that it just allows you to play and mix and match and be daring. You haven't committed to a necklace that can only be worn one way. You can change it up as your mood changes, and it's the best thing about all this right? Last, but certainly not least, and when I say last, I mean like there's 20 other different colors I could have shown you, but I really want to show you this, the orange crystal together with the orange agate. Just wow! We're actually going to make a link necklace in this combo.

And oh my gosh! Look at that. It just brings that beautiful sparkle. This is the orange copper, in fact. Just A beautiful element of sparkle to a really, really nice natural stone. I love getting similar colors and presenting them in a different texture. You've got the slightly modeled orange in a smooth glossy finish, and then you've got the bronzy kind of crystal with a metallic finish giving it some sparkle. Look at that. That's how they look together. Can't wait to get the link in this as well.

That's a little while away though. That's just divine. Just to show you as well, whether you want to then add a tassel with this or many, many other things, is completely up to you. This is all available now. Whether you wear on its own, just the orange agate, or whether you mix it up with the copper, other colors, or anything else you like to look of... Let me just put some agate tassel with this. There we go. Here we go. It's just always so nice to get that visual of how they look together.

One tick. Look at that. It's so beautiful and bright and fresh. Whether you're wearing this with black, with orange, so whether you pop it on with something that's got some orange in it, it's just amazing. Click the link below and you will be taken to all the orange agate right now.