Meet The Pink Marble & The Great Barrier Reef Scarves!

September 01, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


We've got some happy fashion news! We've launched two new beautiful scarves that we're absolutely in LOVE with! 💗 💙

Meet the Pink Marble and The Great Barrier Reef Scarves. They both come in fine wool and silk options and are vibrant and oh-so-gorgeous. 

Pink Marble blends brighter and softer pinks, and The Great Barrier Reef scarf has turquoise, coral, green, rusty red and other fantastic shades!

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Watch Maria demonstrate the scarves and show a few fabulous ways to style them!

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Pink Marble

Great Barrier Reef

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. Now, this week's launch had the beautiful two lovely scarves, the beautiful pink marble in the fine wool and silk. Just beautiful. This is the fine wool. Normally the fine wool is a lot more muted than the silk ones, just to the nature of its being printed on fabric with less of a sheen. But look at this. This fine wool has still got the beautiful vibrancy that the silk does, which is just so nice. Look at that, a little bit muted, but still nice and strong in its color. And what I've done is I've added the pink agate, the raspberry crystal 10 Way Necklace that goes with this beautifully.

So whether you want to go with the pink amethyst ... Sorry. One second. Rose quartz or the pink crystal, they're going to go as well, because there is a lot of areas where the soft, dusty, almost baby pink goes with it beautifully as well. So that's really lovely. So please remember that the fine wool and when we do sell the modal silk in the scarf, they are always wider. This is about 50 centimeters. No 70. 70 centimeters wide. And this silk is 50 centimeters wide. Okay? So the silk is always narrower than the modal silk and the fine wool, but they're both as long as each other. So here's this silk. Isn't that just amazing? Really soft and pretty, but still has the lovely, vibrant shades here. Just gorgeous.

Now of course these scarves look amazing as a wrap. Whether you want to just add a pop of color over a nice plain outfit, there's just so many different ways to wear a scarf. And let me show you a few more ways when just changing it up for the next scarf that's coming along. So we got a Great Barrier Reef scarf. Actually, first let me jewel up. I've got something I prepared a little bit earlier. I put together a turquoise, a teal, and an Emerald link necklace all together and just wrap them twice. Now, how cute is this? You can wear one long, one short, just let the colors fall where they may. Wear them double length and a little bit long like that. You can also, of course, wear them triple just by shortening, bringing that around, and putting them wherever you like.

And then once you've got this on, you can always pop a little pendant in wherever you may like it. You will need the help of a mirror, okay? Because all the beads and stones and crystal in a ... And pearls, I should say. In a link are all 10 mil, and our magnets are also 10 mil. So unlike the 10 Way Necklace, you can't feel along until you find the magnet. So use your ... Use a mirror, and that's going to help you just pulling along at the link and not cause unnecessary wear and tear, let's just say. All right, so there's a pendant there. A lovely kind of messier look, Just beautiful. We call this a neck mess, okay? Just kind of wherever you want, let it all fall and whatever.

Now, back to the launch this week. The Great Barrier Reef scarf. Look at this. It is so pretty. We've actually had nothing like it. This starts off turquoisey, coral, changes to a green color, and then the like a rusty kind of orangey red happens with the coral. And then look at that. Look at this rock and moss growing all over it. It's truly gorgeous. Now, when you wear this as a wrap or a scarf, as you can see, you get two very different effects. So you can really choose whether you want to wear it half and half or favor the turquoise side or favor the darker side. So really it's almost two outfits in one to go with two different outfits. And of course the back is just gorgeous.

Anyway, so whether you wear it like that, whether you have it hanging down like this. Another way is, of course, a really easy way is to hang it by the point to get a nice pointy finish at the end, grab it roughly in the middle with one side longer than the other, halve it, bring it round the neck, and pop it through. Whether you want to let it hang like this or whether you want it much tighter is totally up to you. Even to the side, very, very cute. Now, let me show you the different fabrics. This is the silk that I've been playing with. Again, same measurement as what I just showed you in the marble pink. Okay? That's beautiful. Then we've got the modal silk, a wider, very, very soft. It's so beautiful and just as vibrant as the silk. Really divine.

This is a lovely cross seasonal scarf. You can wear it in summertime, winter, whatever you like. With the modal one side does tend to be more muted than the other. Okay? So you can actually mute it down. So say for example, that's one side there, the muted side, the wrong side, if you like. And then we've got this. Okay? So it's just a shade down. So there's the modal silk, and here is the fine wool. Just divine. And it's gorgeous. Very, very nice. All are quite thin, so you won't have any trouble putting around the base of the neck. It won't be too bulky. All the fabrics that we sell are just beautiful.

And another very cute way to wear this, almost like a bolero cross shrug. Get it in the center, wrap it like this. Okay. Like that. Then get your arms out. All right. Then what you're going to do is get these two pieces here. The corners, I should say. The corners, or you could even come further up if you like, but let's just do the corners for this demo. Then tuck it behind your back, do a loose-ish double knot. And what's really cute about this is that you have arm cover, you've still got your lovely decolletage showing, you're not cold because my arm, were bare, now they're not, and it just sits beautifully. Just like that. Okay? And it's like a ... Now it's sort of more like a jacket. Okay? And all you've done is tied two little corners together. Very, very cute. So that are the two beautiful scarves that have been launched this week and are available now.