More Styling & Fashion With Our Resin Necklaces

February 10, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, we've got great news! We've just launched four new resin necklaces! 😍

Check out the stunning Turquoise, Coral, Navy and Black & Gold pieces. We're pretty sure these will be love at first sight!

The resin necklaces are adjustable with a clasp and can be styled with the entire 10 Way Necklace range! More creativity and fabulous styles for you. 💃

Shop the necklaces.

Watch Maria demonstrate the necklaces and share innovative ways to style them! 

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Resin Necklace
Turquoise & Silver

Resin Necklace
Coral & Gold

Resin Necklace
Navy & Satin Silver

Resin Necklace
Black & Gold


(Video Transcript)

We have just launched these four beautiful resin necklaces. We've got the turquoise, a coral, a navy, and a black and gold. Absolutely divine. Let me show you some styling with them because you'd be surprised at just how much they can do. So you've got the turquoise one. Now, the lovely thing about this is it's got every second disc... So there's plain turquoise and then there's every second disc has a swirly terracotta, let me see if I can get some focus in there, yeah, kind of design there. Absolutely lovely. The longest one at the bottom is the biggest and it slowly gets smaller as it goes up.

Now, this does have an adjustable neckline. So what it is, unlike the 10 Way Necklace, it is a parrot clasp. So there's a parrot clasp there. Let me do it this way because I'm right handed. And you can actually attach it anywhere along the chain. So you can go from a really long design to the shortest you can do is go on the smallest right there. Now, the other thing that I love about this too, they can still be layered up. Now, meanwhile, please know you will have a long chain hanging at the back here. So if you're going to go for the absolute shortest, perhaps one with... It doesn't obviously have to have the largest one in the middle. So the chain can be hanging down the back of your neck. Whether you like it off-center is totally personal. A lot of women cannot handle the asymmetrical design. So I'll just give you a little look.

These could still be layered up with the other parts of the 10 Way Necklace range. So for example, because we do a lot of layering with 10 Way Necklaces. So these can still be layered up. So whether you do something like this. So this is the turquoise resin, only available with silver metal bits in between, with the turquoise crystal. The color is just superb together. Really, really lovely. So whether you want to wear something short and simple with it or long is totally up to you.

Now, let me show you the next one that we have. The coral is really, really pretty. Look at this. It has matte gold with it. At the moment, by the way, these do not have any matching earrings. I don't think we'll be getting any matching earrings in. So please know it's just necklaces. All right? You've got the beautiful coral. The mottled coral color on these ones, the resin, it's like a raspberry off-white, a bit of tan in there. Really pretty. Just so nice. And then there's a matte gold in between every now and then. So, really lovely. So once again, you can either pop it over the head, leave it like that and wear it long, wear it short, which is this length here, or then with something like this, you can actually double it up. So I'm going to go at the very longest chain, double it up like that. And then we're a little more clustered up. How cute is that?

Now, in the 10 Way Necklace range, a lovely color that this will go with is, and let me show you it a different way now, a long strand. So you can then grab, say for example, a lovely long gold strand with that and/or the orange copper as well, just to give it a bit more lift. How beautiful is that? So whether you choose to wear it doubled up short or long. And meanwhile, if you're going to double it up, you're going to have to undo the clasp with your fingers, not just undo it by taking it off over your head. Use a mirror. It's so much easier and you will get a lot less frustrated by having the visual of it in front of you. I'm going to do this back up and just show you how this cute look with the long strands with it, it just gives it a really lovely pop. That's really quite cute. Now, that's the coral.

Next on board is the silver with sapphire. This is beautiful. So I've called it navy resin because all the resin pieces are navy. And this is the combination of some midnight crystal, which we have in the range, or sapphire that we also have in the range. So once again, just lovely. Really, really nice. So whether you want to, let's have a little look, wear it on its own or pop it up a little bit with a little bit of sapphire as well. Super cute. Look at that. So nice. Okay. That's really lovely.

Now, last but not least, we have a nice classic matte gold with black. Now, look at this. Not only has it got the matte gold with the black, but it's also got some lovely little gray agate pieces there and there. And it's also got this really divine, frosted crystal, like a matte. Just lovely. But there you go. That's beautiful there. Pop it over the head. So you could always just leave these done up all the time and that's the kind of effect that you would get. And just because I really like that look of what we created before with the long strand... Hang on a second. Oh, okay. Here we go. This has got a thinner strand here, a thinner chain. So this parrot clasp, no, is not going to fit through it comfortably.

If you want to make it as short as possible, you can choose the large jump ring that's holding onto the very first piece on the other side. There it is there. It's so nice. And this is how the chain's hanging at the back. If I wanted to have it in the center, that's the look there. Totally up to you whether you like asymmetrical or not, more chain showing on one side or not. And then I also want to show you, if you hung it from the very, very first of the large bits of chain, that's what I mean there, this is how long it is. And so from here, of course, you can go longer. And just for kicks, let's get a black long strand and pop it on like this. And what you can also do is go the reverse. Let the resin necklace be long and then double up your long strand to create a really gorgeous effect. Look at that. So I've got the matte gold, the black crystal, and then this is hanging long. Just beautiful. So enjoy our new four resin necklaces, and you can go shopping now.