New Arrivals: Purple and Lilac Jewellery and Trays!

December 02, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Still don't have all your Christmas gifts sorted? Want to treat yourself to something nice? We've got some new exciting arrivals! 🎁😍

Check out our new round, glossy resin jewellery trays in almost a dozen designs. They're perfect for keeping your jewellery, perfume and other little things in one place. No mess!

And we've also got your next beautiful piece to put there!  

Meet the lightweight purple, lilac, satin silver and yellow gold resin necklace. Plus, the matching purple & gold and lilac & satin silver earrings! Simply stunning and just perfect for your festive Holiday outfits 💜

Watch Maria demonstrate the newest arrivals and share some fun ways of wearing the jewellery!

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Purple Resin

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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're all well. Now, we've had some lovely new purplely things, purple and pink, come in this week. So we've gone back to the jewelry trays, we've gone round this time, and they're just beautiful, a lot of new designs to be seen on the website. Now, if you wanted to see how they compare in size, the original that we had was the square, and now we are doing round. So this is the way they compare; they're a bit bigger, which is just beautiful. They're 26 or 22 centimeters in diameter. Let me just double check that. 25 centimeters in diameter and a really nice size, a little bit deeper than the square ones by about eight mil, approximately, and they're just lovely. We've got most of the designs in a pink background, this is the purple flower, or a white background, and this is the pink slipper, so they're coming these two colors, things like, say, for example, the marine, that's got all the blues and the seashells, we didn't bother showing in a pink, we just kept it in white. So you can see there's about a dozen different, beautiful trays there. Really cute gift ideas. So, that's the first thing that came available today.

Now you can, these are fantastic for not just serving food or glasses, storing on your bedside table to put your perfumes, and your jewelry and things like that, they're just hand wash and they're fine. They're just beautiful with their gentle sponge, happy days. So, as mentioned before, it's love, they've got a lovely decoupage design put on, on like, this is actually made of three different images and put on them, and then the very clever Victoria, my bestie from high school, pours a layer of resin over the top, giving a really beautiful, smooth finish, as you can see, nice and glossy.

So that's the trays are back in, and they're just divine. We've also got this new resin, it's a resin week, new resin, lilac and purple necklace. So we just called this The Purple Necklace. Now look at the colors in this. It's just beautiful. So it's got lilacs and purples, satin silver, and yellow gold, satin yellow gold in there. And it's really, really is lovely. Now what's nice about this as well, is that you can change the length, so you can go from short cause it's got a para-clasp, and the para-clasp can actually fit all the way along the chain. So you can go from this length here, at its absolute shortest, to at its absolute longest, this length here. Here we go, that's the longest point of the chain, to have it really quite nice and very long. So, that's just beautiful there.

There are matching earrings to go with this. There's two different styles. There's the purple resin earring. It's got the satin, flat, yellow gold at the top. Really, really nice, super lightweight, really, really lightweight. So as you can see, that's not a huge contrast against my dark hair. There you go, that's it on its own. And the other star that we've got is the lilac earring, that's much, much larger with the satin top there. And the nice thing about both of these earrings is that the posts will cover your earlobe. Okay, so they'll sit on your earlobe, rather than hanging down below, all right? And so, I'll give you an idea of size here. Really, really cute. Very nice, great with the lilac kimono, right? Really fantastic.

And then what we also discovered was if we bring this a level shorter, there we go, hang on a second, I missed it. Oh, here's the other thing, if you're going to do up... The whole reason why we do have the magnet clasp is for the ease at which you can take them off and put them on. If you do have para-clasps, just put it on backwards to start with and go up to the mirror. Okay? That's so helpful, this is so long that you can actually see it in front of you, and just do it like that, rather than trying to fiddle around at the back of the neck, and then just turn it around once you have it, and wear it at the front. Now, what we discovered was this looks actually really lovely worn long, whether it's with, say, for example, a long strand. So you can actually mix these in with the magnetic jewelry and layer it up a little bit more like that.

And for example, here's the lilac crystal, so you can put a few different colors in. Really, really cute. And whether you wanted to lift the level of this up a little bit more. Really, really nice. So, oh, the other thing that's new that we launched this week was we finally got the rest of the long strand and the medium strand in the rose quartz. So this is just beautiful, as you can tell, a super soft shade of pink. Which by the way, pink lends itself to this lilac kimono so much, I think the lilac is such a beautiful, soft color that it just goes effortlessly with it. So, that's the idea there. And by the way, while I'm thinking about it, you could also add in just, wear your long strands layer up, just like that, which is just beautiful as well.

So I hope you enjoy what we've received this week and have a little look on the website. Thanks, bye.