New Fashion Arrivals: Capes, Kimonos and Scarves!

December 15, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, great news! 🎉😍

We've just received our last big delivery of the year, and we're launching everything NOW, just in case you want a gorgeous Christmas gift for yourself or someone else (or if  you are still looking for THE outfit to wear 😉).

New arrivals:

    • Beautiful Zebra, Lilac Leaves, Turquoise and Golden print fine wool capes

    • Peaches and Pinks capes, silk modal scarves and Kimonos

    • Orange Parasol silk scarves 

Watch Maria demonstrate and show some great styling options for all these pieces!

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Turquoise & Golden Hues

Peach & Pinks

Silk Scarf
Orange Parasols


(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. We just got our last big delivery of the [inaudible 00:00:04] year. So we thought we'd launch everything now, just in case you wanted it for yourself for Christmas or for some lovely little Christmas gifts.

Now, we got this beautiful zebra print cape. How divine is this? So, so nice fine wool, and will layer beautifully over anything and keep you warm.

Now, a lovely way to style the cape, here's one of them, is you could tie it around the back of the cape. A loose, little knot gives you a shrug effect at the front. So lovely arm cover. Then a little bit of shape around the back. Just the way you would, for example, tie the belt part of a trench coat around the back, just like that. So that's the beautiful zebra print cape with a few different animals here, and zebra being one of them.

Now, next, we also got the beautiful lilac leaves cape. This is gorgeous. Just amazing. The color is beautiful and lends itself really nicely to all the purples, a bit of charcoal, and even a bit of, say for example, platinum or labradorite, because of there's a little touches of gray in this too. I'm going to pop on the purple crystal.

Now, another way to style your capes is to tie it on the inside. That way you've still got the lovely flowy effect of the back of the cape. And there you go. I love the way these pieces just move as you're walking in the breeze. You've still got the lovely arm cover at the front. So there is the lilac leaves.

Next, we also got the beautiful peaches and pink. Now we have had this in the scarf before, but we just got this in a few other items as well.

Now, once again, let me just change this up. Oh, let's put it with the raspberry. Now the raspberry crystal with this is beautiful, as is anything pink and/or orange. So, this is the cape in the peaches and the pinks. Now, oh, my goodness. So beautiful. Now whether you even like to just drape it, drape it over the shoulder, create even more color. Just beautiful and really, really nice.

Now, next, we've also got the turquoise and golden hues. Oh, my goodness. So, so beautiful. Let's put this with the new teal green. Oh, my goodness. The new teal is just divine. There you go. Such an easy pop. And oh, my goodness, just amazing.

Now don't forget, too, these are basically a long piece of fabric with a split down the middle. So you also can choose to wear it as just a scarf. Whether you want to wear it as decorative, get half of the front part and throw it around the neck like that. Still having two of the front bits at the front. Or wear it more traditionally and throw one side completely down the back as well. So that's that.

Now, just quickly, back to the peaches and pinks, we also got this in a lovely kimono. We did, yes, both the modal and viscose fabrics as well, of course, as we always do. Let's put the pink agate on with it, shall we? Gorgeous. So there is the modal fabric. Really, really nice and solid. The viscose fabric, as always, is more sheer, a little bit paler in color appearance. Both are very, very beautiful. So that's the kimono in the peaches and pinks, right there.

We also got it in the silk modal scarf, because these are proving to be just amazing. The silk modal scarves, really, really pretty. There you go. Just a nice, little bit of color and also beautiful cover.

Now, another little trick with the scarves, and you can do easily with the fine wool and the silk modal, because it's got nice width to it. A really nice width. You can actually grab them almost towards the very, very end of the scarf to a point, tuck it around the back, tie a little double knot, and voila. You've created almost like a jacket effect, [calm 00:04:30] shrug, and you've got complete arm cover there. Nice and warm, but none of your decolletage is covered at all... just your shoulders and your arms. And it is such a cute look that... really, really nice, don't you think? Just beautiful.

So check out the entire new range now. And oh, before I forget, a gorgeous orange piece. This is a orange parasols in the silk scarf. So just in case you need something gorgeous, this is at a really good price, as well.

So, click the link below and be taken to all the new things right now.