New Luscious Lip Gloss!

October 11, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Our newest collaboration is here! Introducing the stunning Lip Gloss line in 5 different colours (and you're going to LOVE the packaging!).


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(Video Transcript)

Don't you just love to receive gifts for Christmas that are beautiful and versatile? Well, this year I am offering you this most beautiful pack.

It's a long necklace with a beautiful heart to AB in crystal. Isn't that gorgeous? Look at the sparkle on that. So yes, you can wear this long as a necklace. This is the midnight crystal, by the way. And I'm going to show you the other colors that's available. You can also wear this short to bring the heart up to a level that is close to your heart. Now, that's beautiful right there, and you can also have this necklace worn as a bracelet. Here's what I mean, just take the heart off because we have very, very clever magnets, no fiddly clasps in our jewelry. Then you can wear it nice and plain. You could take out the heart, double it up nice and level. Wear it long and simple, or take it off and multi-wrap it around your wrist to create a multi-wrap bracelet. Isn't that gorgeous?

Over here, I've got the ice necklace. This is just beautiful. It's got like a frosted crystal effect, of course will go with any color at all. Like I said before, wear it long, doubled up by itself, and by adding in your beautiful crystal heart, you add just a beautiful layer of elegance. Now let's check out the other colors, shall we?

The next color is the beautiful turquoise, just amazing. And once again, you can wear it short, long, and this all comes bundled up together. Whether it's a gift to yourself, because sometimes even we are hard to buy for, we must admit that. Or whether it's for a lovely woman in your life, your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, or even your daughter. So once again, multi-wrap bracelet, which can be worn on its own or lay it up with other bangles and other braces that you have.

Couldn't finish without showing you the beautiful, soft pink. It's such a lovely, soft shade. It really is gorgeous and will compliment so many outfits. And with such a beautiful, fresh look, you can wear this anywhere you like.

So, these two pieces together are normally $88, but we have bundled them up for a beautiful Christmas present for 77 Australian dollars, which is about $55 USD. So go to or click the link below to get your special edition necklace set now.