New Modal Scarves Available NOW (You'll Love Them!)

October 18, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

The most beautiful styles of our soft and gorgeous modal scarves have arrived. These usually sell out very quickly, so don't miss out! 


Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid dissapointment.

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(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. We just got the most beautiful Modal silk scarves. The texture on these are so soft, it's just insane. They're as wide and long as the fine wool scarf, the touch is so soft, and because they're a smoother scarf, they keep the color brightness that the fine wool tends to get a bit muted. So, yes, we've got a beautiful butterfly in the garden. Look at this. We've got it in lots of different colors. Let me show you. This is the white, absolutely stunning. Then we've got some in the gray. By the way, if you love fine wool, we also have some in fine wool, too. So this is the gray there, really, really lovely. We've got a couple of blues left, if blue is your color. Just divine. Look at the pink, oh my goodness. Again, the most soft shade of pink. And there's so many gorgeous colors in this that you can really wear so many different colors from our entire range with it, from greens, pinks, blues, orange. Look at this, it just goes on and on.

There's that. It also comes in a lovely orange color. My goodness, they really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the colors involved with Modal silk. And there's no right or wrong, the color is as strong on both sides. Just beautiful. So whichever way you pick it up and pop it on, it's perfect. Now, let me show you another color. We've got the, you might be familiar with the marble, the blue marble kimono that we've had, and silk scarf. Well, we also got it in the Modal silk too. Yes, we're definitely going to be expanding our Modal silk range. Look at this, just amazing. These colors are truly, truly, gorgeous. And once again, so, so soft. So whether you choose to wear it to the side, you can actually even knot these, or pop a little elastic, and it starts to create a little top. How cute is that? You can double knot it or put an elastic to create it to be more like a top.

Wear it as a wrap, or you can, of course, start to wear it high up around the base of the neck, loop it round, it's just that perfect thickness. And this fabric breathes, so it'll keep you warm when you need a little bit of extra cover, and cool when you're just wearing it to accessorize and add some color to your outfit. Now, let me show you this one. It's very hard to find beautiful yellows, but this one has hit the nail on the head. So, we've had butterflies in all those different colors, and blue marble. This we have called, face and leaves on yellow. Would you look at this? Just so divine. And the tone of yellow is just beautiful. It's ever so slightly leaning towards mustard, it's just gorgeous. Look at that. So once again, you can wear it low around the base of the neck, and even knot it up, it's not too thick to do any of what the silk does. Absolutely divine. So if you want to see our new scarves, head over to our scarf section and they will all be there waiting you.