New Style Alert: Lariat Pendants For Your 10 Way Necklace

March 17, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


We're so excited to introduce brand new accessories for the 10 Way necklace range, and they're a game-changer.  💖

You can now create your own Lariat Necklace with our stunning Lariat Tassel Pendants and Glasses Ring in rose gold, silver and yellow gold.

Lariat is one long strand without clasps and it so much fun to wear. You can tie it up, double it and find endless other ways to get creative.

Watch Maria demonstrate the new pendants, how it all works and share styling inspiration! 

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Lariat Pendants
Chain Tassels

Glasses Ring


(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you are well. I am so excited to tell you that I have created a brand new product for the 10 Way Necklace. It is a game changer. The beautiful necklace called the lariat has always left me wanting more from the 10 Way Necklace Range. I've found it tricky. I've had brick walls when it comes to making the 10 Way Necklace able to create a lariat.

Now, for those of you that don't know, a lariat is a long strand, obviously this is not a lariat. It's a long strand necklace. It's one long strand, no beginning, no clasps involved with a lariat. You can wear it long, you can tie it up in a knot at the front, you can double it up, that kind of thing.

Now, I've always avoided wanting to double up noting, things like that in this necklace because this is nylon-coated wire. Under all the crystals, the pearls, the beads, it's nylon-coated wire. If you knot it, it will kink. That's the roadblock I always found when trying to create a lariat for the 10 Way Necklace Range, but with a little bit of perseverance and help from the Sparkle Sisterhood, it's happened.

So this is the first of what's going to be called Lariat Pendants. It's going to be a Lariat Pendants category, which means pendants for lariats. So lariat styling. This is the chain tassel. You may recognize this. These used to have two magnets coming off each side. Now, they're going to be sold with one magnet coming off each side and sold as a pair, okay?

Obviously we've got it in rose gold, silver and yellow gold, so it can go with any of your pieces. Now, here is the lovely thing about it. Once you add one each side to the end of the necklace design you've created, basically this is a lariat, and so you can choose to double it up, wear it long, separately, add in different pieces of the 10 Way Necklace and wear it like that.

Now, the last piece of this puzzle is to add a glasses ring, okay? We've always had them in stock, you might already have one. And they are only $15 Australian. If you pop this in between where the necklace ends and the tassel starts, okay? Then take the tassel off, pop it through the ring and add the tassel on the other side, just because it's easier and a lot less strands of chain to struggle with.

Now, put it a little bit off center, you can create a lariat effect. No wire has been hurt in creating this necklace. No wire has been bent or knotted, just put through the ring and there you go. A double-ended necklace. We have never had this before, and it's just beautiful. Now, you don't only do this with long strands. Let's take the tassel off. I'll show you a couple of other things.

You also can do this with the 10 Way Necklace. Let me show you with the sapphire necklace with the connector. Let's just say you've got your 10 Way Necklace. Here is normally where the triple strand would sit. Now, don't forget, this is very individual. You're going to want to do it in your own ways, in your own style and you just figure out what suits you best.

Now, let's do it like this. Just remove the triple strand, pop in your, I'm doing yellow gold this time, tassels at either end. Now having said all this, you don't always have to put them together or thread them through something. You can just put the triple strand and leave it like that. It's really, really nice, okay?

They don't have to be even, you can have it shorter, okay? So totally individual and up to you to express yourself in a sparkly creative way. Now, you can also... Let's get back to the ring. Back to the glasses ring again, right? I'm going to show you two different things. You can pop it in between the tassel and the connector, put it through, make it uneven, put the tassel back on and there you go.

Or you can do it like this, and I'm actually curious to see how to this ends up myself, put the glasses ring, the one that's there, in between the connector and the single strand, okay? Thread this through. It's a bit tricky to do without a mirror. Use a mirror. And pop this through like this. Ah, this will end up perfectly symmetrical. However, you can choose once again to make the lengths different, because it's so easy to adjust and you've got a different creation like this.

One last thing I want to do before I go on to the last styling is to grab some mini connectors, pop it on the end in between the tassels and that, just to get a little more length out of it. Just a little bit more. Go there, tassel off, strand through, tassel back on, and there you go.

Now, they automatically will behave because of this ring holding onto either the ending of the connector or just because the surface is uneven. That's really fantastic. That's a game changer. Now, last but not least let's show you how it works with the links. Now I am going to... I haven't styled up the silver yet, so let's do something silver. I'm going to grab a link necklace along with a link bracelet.

Let's do a multi-tone, I think. Okay. Multi-tone. I've got slate, I've got raspberry, but let's take this off first and get some color that is a little bit more suitable. Now, there you go. There you go. Now, just for a bit of balance, let's get the raspberry connector, pop it on this side and let's get the midnight crystal connector and pop it over this side. Once again... Yes, that's about right.

Now, silver. Silver tassel on each side, pop, pop. Really, really nice. And then we get the glasses ring again, pop it in, okay? Go through. Actually, what I'm going to do, I'm just going to take this connector off. Okay. Right. What do you think? That is our latest creation. I'm so excited. It's available now under a category called Lariat Pendants. Enjoy your new way of styling your 10 Way Necklaces with these beautiful lariat pendants in the chain.