New Year Sale! Get 20% OFF EVERYTHING!

December 21, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, let's sail into 2022 with a fresh start in our wardrobe! 💃

Shop our gorgeous jewellery and fashion items now and get 20% off our entire website with our New Year’s sale! No code needed, discount will automatically apply in the checkout.

The sale includes (but is not limited to):

💖 The versatile 10 Way Necklace that can be worn 10 different ways to suit any neckline, every outfit and any occasion. 💖 Our gorgeous pendants and tassels in a multitude of colours, pearls, stones, crystals and metals 💖 Stunning clothing; silk scarves, fine wool capes, Kimonos in beautiful prints and more.

Create ENDLESS styles, come up with unique outfits, pair these pieces together or freshen up your old looks. The sky and your imagination is the limit! 😍

Be quick, because our most popular items sell-out quickly! The sale ends on the 5th of January! The discount will automatically apply - no code is needed.

Important information ➡️Orders placed after Thursday 23rd December will be despatched from Tuesday January 4th. Please allow 7-10 days for fulfillment. Orders cannot be bundled at this time and this offer is not valid with any other offer/code.

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Pink Peonies

10 Way Necklace
Raspberry Crystal

10 Way Necklace
Sapphire Crystal


(Video Transcript)

I'm Maria Nicola, designer of the 10 Way Necklace, yes, the necklace that has 10 different styles in one. We are on sale, yes, our biggest sale of the year, 20% off the entire website. You can get all of our different clothing, our jewelry, all at 20% off, no limits, no codes to enter. The website will do it by itself.

Now, not only does the 10 Way Necklace give you 10 different styles in one, and I've just been showing you some of them, the other fantastic thing about this 10 Way Necklace range is that you could mix and match the colors.

This is the raspberry crystal, and then this is the gorgeous freshwater pearl. Just by picking up these two colors that, yes, they both appear in this gorgeous pink peonies kimono, you can actually create a really unique and different look because with the 10 Way Necklace range, you become the designer.

Then you can also grab the triple strand of the rest of the pearl 10 Way Necklace and create a different look again. It just goes on and on. The world is your oyster, and you can actually create any design you like.

Now, another way you could go about it is do this. I'm wearing the beautiful Japanese fan in the navy kimono, and I've chosen the sapphire crystal to go with it. Now, once again, just beautiful. You can wear it in any style that you like to suit any neckline that you're wearing, whether it's long, short, medium or as a bracelet.

Now here is where the fun begins. Let's go back to the cream freshwater pearls again and pop in a different look so you can go from that. You could put a connector of a pearl feature in the front. You could add the sapphire connectors to the side and give it another look again.

Then, of course, you can always grab the triple strand where we started and pop it in. It just goes on and on. There are no limits to what you could do with the 10 Way Necklace range, which you are about to find out for yourself.

So go to while we are on sale, and take advantage of our fantastic 20% off for the entire website. There are no codes to remember, nothing to add in. The website will check you out at a 20% discount automatically.

But you must hurry. All our top style sell very quickly, and this sale does end on January 10th. So go to and get started on your new look for 2022 now.