Our Long-Awaited Chakra Collection Is Here!

August 22, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, we've got a VERY colourful launch week! 😍 🌈

We're finally introducing our long-awaited Chakra Collection containing Link Necklace, Bracelets and Connectors.

Chakra originated in India in 500 BC, and every single of the seven colours represents a different disc of energy that runs down the spine and represents different things in our lives. 

To go with the range (well, and any other range), we've also launched our gorgeous colourful fine wool, silk and modal silk Bearded Iris Scarves! I can't get enough of how stunning they are!

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Watch Maria demonstrate the jewellery and the scarves and share some ways to style them! 

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Short / Long Link Necklace
Stone Chakra

Short / Long Link Bracelet
Stone Chakra

Fine Wool / Silk / Modal Silk Bearded Iris Scarves

(Video Transcript)

Well, as you can see, we've had a very colorful launch this week. It's been so much fun and this especially has been a very long time in the making. Let's start with our Chakra Collection. It's just beautiful. We've got it in the longer than normal size length, and I'll explain why in a minute, and a regular length link. The longer than normal size longer length, and I'll explain why in a minute, then we've got it in the bracelet length. The connectors... This is two connectors. That's two connectors drawn together, but it's one connector. We've also got the longer length bracelet.

The Chakra Collection. Now typically chakra was originated in India about 1500 BC. It's a very, very old custom. Starting at the top, every single color represents a different disk of energy that runs down the spine and it represents different things with every single color.

Now I've made some notes because I haven't memorized all this as yet. Basically, also, we got a lot of requests for this. It's been so much fun researching what stones that we have that can collaborate with the possible colors that are available in the chakra list, because we wanted to keep it as traditional as possible. The other way to keep it really traditional is to keep it in lots of seven. That's what made it tricky. Each lot of seven stones... There are more chakras than that, but there are seven main ones. They have to be in lots of seven to stay true to the chakra design.

The very, very top one that sits up here, that's a crown chakra, top of the head. We've got labradorite, which stands for, sorry. Crown stands for cosmic energy. Looks after your cosmic energy. Then we've got labradorite. Third eye. Right here and that's for insight. Then you've got your throat chakra. Down here. We've chosen a lapis lazuli, which symbolizes truth in the throat. Then you've got your heart chakra, which we've got with the green ruby zoisite, which is a green color, which is representative of love. Then you've got the yellow agate, which is your solar plexus, and that represents your willpower. Then you've got your sacral chakra, symbolized by orange agate. Lower gut here and it's symbolizes pleasure. Then, you've got your root chakra, which is the base of your pelvis area. That is the red agate and that symbolizes survival.

Here we go in explaining the lengths that we've chosen. In the large longer bracelet, it just happens to be the exact length that we normally have for the longer bracelet and it's got two lots of seven, which is absolutely perfect. Then, we've got the regular length link. What would normally have been the regular length link is normally 45 centimeters, but this one has gone to 47 centimeters so we could get the repetition of seven. You've got 4 repetitions of seven start to finish and just two centimeters longer. That's now the regular length in just the chakra link. Then you've got the longer chakra link. So one more lot of seven took this length to 59 centimeters instead of what we normally have is 52 centimeters. They look really lovely. You can see the length. They work really well. These have got 5 repeats of seven stones in the same order all the time. That's the thing about the chakra link. It needs to follow the chakra guide, same order of stones, same stones or crystals, whatever you're choosing, but it needs to be the same. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Now with the regular bracelet... I just couldn't stand to not have a regular size bracelet. I just couldn't stand it. This is the only piece in the entire range that's not true for the chakra guidelines. You've got one rep of seven and then you've got 5. That's just for the small bracelet. If it bothers you, be mindful that's the only one that doesn't follow the guidelines. The connectors just happen to be a perfect length of seven, which work beautifully. And look at this, whether you want to pop it in with the rest of the necklace... They look so nice together, don't they?

Mind you, there's loads of research that you can do on the chakra link and where it originated from and everything. It's just lovely. If you want to add them together, let me have a quick look at this. Okay. If you wanted to add them together, you can actually make a lovely long piece as well.

That's been the fun that we've been having with our Chakra Collection. Just beautiful.

On top of that, speaking of colors, we also launched the bearded Iris scarf. There we go. We're having trouble with this name for some reason. This is beautiful. This is the silk version. We did get them in all three fabrics as well. Just gorgeous. Look at the colors in this. There is nothing you couldn't wear this with. It's got the tan, orange, pinks, blue, greens, purple like a plum. Divine. There's the silk. The silk is always 20 centimeters narrower than the modal and the fine wool.

Here is the modal silk, and one side is always a little bit brighter than the other. The other side's a bit more muted. You can actually choose to wear it one side or the other. The colors aren't unsimilar, that's the silk, that's the modal silk. It's a little less vibrant, just a little, that's more vibrant because it's more of a sheen. It's got a sheen to it. That's that there.

Last but not least, we have the fine wool as well because everyone's just chosen their favorite scarf to go with. I'm just going to hold it over my face so you can see all three together. There's the color difference in all three, like I said, the modal silk and the fine wool are both wider. Then the silk. Both really, really lovely, just beautiful.

That wraps up our colorful launch this week. It's been so much fun. Let's just do a quick neck mess. Neck mess is when you just ad lib and do whatever you want. So nice. Look at that. Just beautiful. There you go. Our Chakra Collection and also our gorgeous bearded Iris in the three different fabrics of the scarf.