Ring The New Year In With Orange Copper and Teal Sparkle!

December 07, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, we're saying goodbye to 2021 with a sparkly bang and the most beautiful 10 Way Necklace colours EVER! ✨🤩

Don't miss the chance to add the magical Orange Copper and Teal necklaces to your collection as they not only look great on their own but pair so well with all the other colours! 

The necklaces come in all three magnet colours (silver, gold, and rose gold) and have matching long and short earrings!

Watch Maria demonstrate the necklaces and share some unique ways of styling them!

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10 Way Necklace
Orange Copper Crystals

10 Way Necklace
Teal Crystals


(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. This year, we are going out with a sparkly bang. This year, we have received two new 10 Way necklace ranges, and the entire ranges are in, in all three magnet colors. So I'm going to show you which ones they are. We have the orange 10 Way necklace, which we're calling orange copper. It is so amazingly beautiful. Look at the color in this. I mean, wow. I'm going to show you some styling in that, so you can see it in action in all three magnet colors. And we also received the beautiful teal. My goodness gracious, what a magical color that is, and both go with so many, including they go really well together. Would you look at this. So divine.

So, let's get into some styling, shall we? So at the moment I'm wearing the rose gold with the orange, and I'm also wearing a couple of the earrings. This is the long earrings to go with it. And this is the short earring to go with it, in case you like to match your earrings as well. So this is just divine. As you know, you can match it up, wear it shorter, and just to see these crystals close up, they are something to really behold. They've got a translucent, then they've got a metallic effect. It is really quite unique in the effect that they've given it, just so beautiful.

So, if you've ever wondered what kind of pendants can go with a color like this, let me show you. So it's so easy to see that the pearl pendant will give it a beautiful pop. Oh, here it is. Now here's the pearl pendant here. Look at that. Just the pop of white, so lovely and fresh. And whether you wanted to wear it on its own really, really nice. Of course, I'm wearing it with a bit of orange. And whether you wanted to frame this, just like that, it is truly gorgeous. So, as you can see the orange with the rose gold magnet is beautiful. It's very, very close in color and looks amazing.

Then let me show you the orange with the yellow gold magnet. Of course, another golden color, both are going to look incredible. So if your jewelry tends to be more yellow gold, and you like to match your magnets to your jewelry, that's a way you can go too. Now, here it is with the sunset crystal. Oh my goodness. So divine, really, really lovely. And this goes beautifully with loads of other colors as well. But let me just finish showing you this. So you would think maybe the silver is not so great, but you love orange. So, if you're a silver wearer and you like to keep your magnets, silver, this is surprising. Would you look at how beautiful this is, especially when you have it on and the two magnets aren't right up next to each other. Now here is the orange copper crystal with the silver magnets. So it's so easy. Look at this. I'm going to grab the Luna crystal with silver magnets, put it together with it and ta-da. Okay. Just lovely.

Now I'm going to also put in a magma, so you can see here's the magma heart. Oh wow. Let's just show you a few of the pendants that we offer, so you can really see what goes so well with this. Now, orange and black, no brainer. Everything looks good with black. Then that's the meteorite black, by the way. Then, oh my goodness, the champagne. Champagne with orange, wow. Just wow, beautiful and soft. And of course all the neutrals, the filigree, the swirl, the luna, the sunset are all going to look fantastic.

Now onto the teal. Now I just have to put on the teal kimono. This has been very long awaited for the teal 10 Way necklace range, and it's finally, finally here. So now, by the way, if you ever end up in a bit of a knot, rather than pulling, just undo your magnet and let the necklace fall away. It's the easiest way to untangle, if you end up in a tangle, in a bit of a spot of sparkly bother, okay? So would you look at this? I mean, hold the phone, hold the phone.

There's no need for me to really show you all three magnet colors here, or at least for the styling, because not being a warm color, a typical warm or cool color, it goes with everything. Look at this. Looks equally beautiful, whether you want to wear it with your silver magnets, your yellow gold and your rose gold, okay? So I'll just show you just a little bit of styling. Where to start.

Oh, by the way, the little baby starfish that we had. Oh, I mean, seriously it's so cute. Let me take these off. Yes, we did get the teal long and short earrings as well. So, so cute. Doesn't pop as much in dark hair, being a darker crystal, but you do always get that lovely little sparkly bit of movement, which is always beautiful. So just as show you again, I'm wearing rose gold. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Now rose gold. Now again, with the pearl pendant. The pearl pendants have been incredible, just such a beautiful pop of fresh white. Well and truly just gives any color actually, the entire range, whether it be red, stone, crystal, pearls, just gives a beautiful, beautiful effect there, just a lovely pop of fresh color. Then let's have a look at something like the emerald, the emerald with the teal, okay? Just saying, it's lovely. Really, really nice. And what else have I got?

And of course the neutrals, it's going to be a no-brainer. It's going to go beautifully, whether you wear it with silver, rose or yellow gold. Where's the circular emerald? Really, really pretty. So, so nice. And it goes with so many colors. And like I was saying before, it's funny that these two are being launched together, with the orange, it is truly amazing. Oh, got so many [inaudible 00:06:59]. Okay, good. Got it. Undo the magnet and let the necklaces fall away from each other. So here we go. So nice. So, so nice. And of course the tassels are amazing too. Here's how they look close up. Very, very special. And the color is just amazing in both of these really, just divine. So you can pop in. Oops, oops. There we go. How beautiful is that? So, so nice. So, if either of these colors tickle your fancy, go over to and check out the new ranges, orange copper and teal crystal, right now.