Sparkle And Shine In Our Lariat Pendants

April 04, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


We've been having so much fun with the chain tassel Lariat Pendants in the Sparkle Sisterhood! 💖

These gorgeous accessories take the 10 Way Necklace range styling to a whole new level, and our Sparkle Sisters have come up with fabulous and innovative ways to get the most of them!

Watch Maria demonstrate her favourite ways to style the Lariat Pendants and get inspired! 

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Chain Tassels

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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. Well, in the Sparkle Sisterhood, we have been having so much fun with the chain tassel pendant lariats, bit of a long title. So, it's just been incredible the stylings that people have becoming up with, and the cleverness to everything, it's set a whole new ball game to the 10 way necklace range, now that we can create lariats. Now, I thought I'd show you some more styling that's been happening, because it's just so beautiful to see these completely different and innovative ways that are coming into play, and I'm just thrilled that it's like it's got a whole new version of itself.

So, I'll show you a couple of little things. Here is the raspberry crystal 10 way necklace. Now, if we take the triple strand off, put in a mini connector on either side, and even pop in a feature connector, which has got the cream pearl and the raspberry crystal, into one of the sides now. So, that's it there. Then what we do is we grab a glasses ring. This is an important part of the deal. So, if you've got one, yours are going to get a lot of workouts, so a glasses ring. Then you pop it anywhere you like in the formation of the lariat, depending on where you want the tassels to sit. Okay? So, you pop one tassel at the bottom, so this is the chain tassels in rose gold, one at the bottom. Okay, then thread through first. Okay? Adjust your necklace, and then finish off on the other side. Now, how cute is this? Once you've got it on, you can start to see where you would like to change a few things up, perhaps make this chain shorter, and that's the great thing about it, it's so easily changeable.

Now, what we also recommend take the chain tassel off. Actually, before I remove it, let's make the whole thing shorter. So, I'm going to put that there, this here, remove another connector, and just leave it... Oh yeah, a little more. Let's just call it relaxed, shall we? So, let's bring this around, and don't forget, once you bring it around the neck, not that it's heavy, but the weight of the decorative pieces here are naturally going to keep it centered, so you should be fine there. But if you can manage to have this glasses ring on not so much a strand of crystal part, but on the actual connection, whether it be on a magnet or something like that, it's going to be more inclined to stay put.

Now, let me pop the mini back in, and look at that. So, what I was saying before was here's the mini, here's the glasses ring sitting on the magnet, and then you've got a really nice way for it to stay put, and it's just so cute. It's just adding a whole different ball game. And don't forget, you've got other bits and pieces, so you can then choose to grab your pearl connector from your other 10 way necklace, and swap it out, and just change the styling as you're going on. So, down here, I've got a feature connector, that's the raspberry crystal and the pearls, and they're all on sale. Okay? So, that's a really cute idea as to what you can do. Now, remove the tassel, and then pull the rest of it through the glasses ring, and that is that.

Let's try more of a bluey tone this time. So, let's try this. Oh, actually, let me show you something else. If you grab a long strand, a long strand, so grab this, double it around the back of the neck, bring it forward, having one higher than the other. Now, it's always personal preference whether you like the tassels of the lariat sitting at different lengths to each other, if you know what I mean. Let me show you what I'm talking about.

So, I'm going to grab the chain tassels again, put one underneath the glasses ring, put this side through, and set it like that. So ideally, you would have a slight difference in length with the finish line of the tassels, let's just say, and then it's totally up to you, whether you're wanting more of a varying length, just by popping in something like the feature connector, a connector from the 10 way necklace, or a mini connector. There are so many ways you can do it.

In fact, let me just grab a little extender. So, a little extender is something really tiny, so it only adds two and a half centimeters to the actual design. So, whether you're just wanting to drop it just a little bit without adding more color, it's completely up to you, and you actually end up with a lovely feature of links and rings, which is really quite cute. Then if you're wanting to, don't forget, it is so easy to layer up this design to create even more decorative pieces.

So, the game has just been changed. Now, now that I've got the... And in fact, it's funny, because I'm even making up more styles while I'm looking at it on myself. So, these are the rose gold chains. So, I've put a rose gold long strand, framing it on the outside, you know how I love a good frame, or get your long strand, double it up in front, and you easily create a really cute two-tone effect. So, just another idea right there, and perhaps you could let us know if you've been creating more styles, because it's really turning into something quite amazing.

Don't forget all the lovely leaves and ovals that we've sold in the past, can also make a huge impact into the tassel as well. So, just by adding a pendant that it has a magnet either side, you can then add it to the tassel. So, that's on that side, and whether you want to add it to both or just one is totally up to you. Here is how it looks on the other side. So, feel free. Oh my God. That is so gorgeous. It just makes it a little bit more dressy, doesn't it? So, feel free to share ideas and piccies of different designs that you've created, because we're always wanting to see different styles that you come up with.