Sparkle in Our NEW Smokey & Angel Quartz Pieces!

February 16, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, meet our Smokey Quartz 10 Way Necklace Range. It's the first EVER combination of natural stone and crystal, so you get the stone's healing properties AND the more affordable price of the crystal. 😍

And you know what else? It looks fabulous with the other new item - the beautiful Angel Quartz Pendant

Treat yourself to these gorgeous pieces and keep creating looks that inspire you!

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Watch Maria demonstrate the necklace and pendant and share some fantastic styling ideas!

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(Video Transcript)

So we have a couple of new things being released and they are absolutely stunning. It's the smoky quartz in the 10 Way Necklace range. Of course, in all three magna colors, and the beautiful white angel quartz pendant. Oh my goodness. And let me elaborate a bit more on these two ranges because they are stunning. And mind you I'm wearing it with the white roman, the colors in them match up beautifully, don't they? So, what we did, this is our first hybrid 10 Way Necklace. It's a combo of natural stone and crystal. Now we did this for a couple of reasons. We showed this to the Sparkle Sisterhood, and they were like, "Oh, do it in the natural stone for the healing properties," and then others said, "Do it in the crystal to keep the price down." So we thought we'd do a bit of both.

We managed to find a crystal in exactly the same color, as you can see as, the stone. This is the smoky quartz, is the bracelet here, and all the formula strands are the crystal. So the color is just superb and matches beautifully. So, the prices come out really, really fantastic. While the price of this is $139, and for smoky quartz, it should have been a lot more. However, it means the tassel, the mini connectors, the connectors, the long strands have come out the price of the crystal, which is awesome. And you've got the healing properties right here in the connectors with the color flowing through, and the connectors in the smoky quartz is faceted. So you still get that beautiful sparkle, and although it's stone, it's just beautiful. So, I've paired up with the white angel quartz pendant here.

Before we move to that, I also really want to show you it in all three magna colors. One could think that the... being a brown toned color would look the best in the rose gold and yellow gold. However, the silver is just as beautiful. It actually... it's just a fantastic color that's not... it'll... basically, it goes well with all three magna colors, because it's not a really warm brown. It's not a really cold brown. It's something that flies down the middle. So as you can see, whether you're a silver lover, yellow lover or rose gold, all three magna colors are going to look fantastic with the smoky quartz hybrid, crystal and stone.

I need to show you this. This is beautiful. Here's how it looks within the yellow gold, the rose gold and the silver surround. Now, as you can see, the stone is a little bit translucent. So the stone itself, it absorbs a bit of the color from the frame. So as you can see here, it looks a little bit yellow, more yellow than it does with the silver. There it looks the most white. Here it is like a yellowy white, and here it is just a rose like the... the shade of pink is just touching off on the white.

Now, if you are concerned... it's a natural thing for us to compare the rose quartz, which is a pink, with the white angel quartz, side by side, and there is a very, very strong difference. That's rose quartz, obviously over here, and that's the angel white quartz. Now, although it's throwing a little bit of pink around the edges, there is a difference enough, if you were concerned about owning both of them. There's the rose quartz, and here is the new white angel quartz. It's so fresh and bright. It's going to go together beautifully with all your... anything white, and also lighten up anything that, it just needs a bit of a pop in your wardrobe. So a little bit more styling.

Just a little reminder, the stone pendants that we now have in the amethyst, the adventurine, the rose quartz, and now the white angel rock. They've just been incredible. So off center, take one of the connectors out and replace it with that, if you like. You can then wear it short, as I had it a moment ago, by itself, or then put this on the outside to embrace it and give it a bit of a framing. Then one of my most favorite ways to wear any of the sideways pendants. And by sideways, I mean, it's got the option to lay sideways, rather than just the ones that hang down, is to remove the single strand and put it either at the bottom of one of the connectors, or remove the connector as well, and have it short again. So, that is that there.

That's just to get started. Of course, there are so many other ways to wear them, but they've just been wonderful. So they're available now, and don't forget, we are offering the bundle option, which is the mini connector, the tassel and the 10 Way Necklace, all to be purchased as one, as a pack, and you get an automatic 10% discount off that bundle. And yeah, those are the releases for this week.