Sparkle & Stun With Our New Orange Link!

August 01, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


We've got some fantastic sparkly news! We've just released a New Orange Link Necklace and Bracelet! 🧡

They're made of yellow copper crystals, slightly translucent on one side and solid metallic on the other side, and orange agate stones, creating an incredible combination! 

The Bracelet and Necklace come in two lengths and give you ENDLESS  fabulous styling options. As always, they're available with silver, yellow gold or rose gold connectors.

Watch Maria demonstrate the Orange Link and show her favourite ways of styling it. 

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Short / Long Link Necklace

Short / Long Link Bracelet

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're all well. Now, we have just released the Orange Link, which is just beautiful. Here it is in the bracelet. We've got it in the silver, the yellow gold, and the rose gold, each of which looks just beautiful as you can see. Now, what it's made up of is orange copper crystal, which is ever so slightly translucent sometimes and solid metallic on the other side, which is just an amazing different combination. And then, alternating with orange agate stone, which is really, really beautiful.

I thought I'd show you them. Of course, both things, bracelet and necklace, come in two different lengths. I thought I'd show you, in case you were wondering, what the two different lengths look like on. That is the regular length, and then here we have the longer length. There's only, I think, two and a half centimeters in it, or to three, two or three centimeters in it. It makes a bit of a difference, especially for those of you that are liking necklaces not to sit so close to the base of the neck and further down. Now, if you just keep a close eye on the longer one, I'm going to remove the shorter one, just so you can see if there isn't something in front of it, it is going to drop down a little bit longer.

Now, let's see how it looks with the Orange Copper, shall we? Here is the Orange Copper 10 Way Necklace, as you can see. You can do different things like this. You can wear the triple strand from the 10 Way Necklace with it shorter. Like that. Oh my gosh. Such a wonderful effect. Then you can grab the single strand, actually first let's grab the connector, and just give a little more length to the link on the necklace. Really, really cute. How cute is that? And then you can also, if you want it even longer, the link necklace, as we know the entire range is adjustable, you can also add in the single strand for even more length, whether you like to wear it layered it up with some other pieces or simple.

I also want to show you what it looks like with the Orange Agate, which is the other stone in it. I'm going to put the triple strand in this time from the Orange Agate, with one connector in it. The Orange Agate is pretty amazing, I must say. There you go. That's that there. And then, whether you choose to wear it with a little frame around it, or whether you choose to wear it, actually, I might have the shorter one so you can see a regular length one. There, just like that. That is super, super cute. Very, very nice.

Now, the other thing that you may not know is the bracelets, when worn with the rest of the 10 Way Necklace range, can also be added to say, for example, a single strand or a couple of connectors to create a necklace effect. Here it is here to create a necklace effect. How cute is that? This is like a bracelet and necklace set in the link, one 10 Way Necklace, just the triple strand and a connector, and look at that amazing effect. Actually, that is really, really nice.

Now, don't forget too, you can absolutely put two 10 Way Necklaces, sorry, two links together and/or, there's always options upon options. Grab the necklace. Now, when you're taking a link necklace off, go to the mirror. Because they're all 10 mls, it's hard to distinguish what's a magnet and what's a stone. Rather than pull at the necklace, which you shouldn't be pulling, you should be sliding and styling, go to the mirror and find the magnets. Just a lot easier and less risk of wrecking or breaking the necklace.

With your bracelet and necklace set, join them together. How cute is that? Put them together. Make a kind of semi quasi longer necklace. And then, if you want to pop in a pendant to the side. How cute. Wear it long, like that. Or, I mean, where do you start and where do you stop? Sisterhood pendant there, which is a lovely kind of coin effect. That kind of a little bit more Bohemian kind of coin look. And then, if you wanted to grab the agate, that really kind of suits that style, doesn't it? And then, just saying, grab a piece of clothing with a bit of orange in it. I thought this was a scarf, but it's not. This is the Orange Flowers and Teal Kimono in the Modal. Oh my gosh. So cute. Anyway, that's what we've launched this week. Enjoy and see you very soon.