Stunning Resin Necklaces & Earrings Just IN!

March 24, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Breaking fashion news! We've just launched new and absolutely gorgeous Resin Necklaces AND matching Resin Earrings. 💖

They come in a lovely soft peachy pink, grey and animal print, and you can mix and match them with many of your 10 Way Necklaces creating EVEN more stunning looks. 

Watch Maria demonstrate the new pieces and share some fabulous ways to style them!

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Resin Necklaces

Resin Earrings


(Video Transcript)

We have just launched some new resin necklaces, which are absolutely beautiful. TheY come in a lovely, really soft peachy, kind of pink, the gray and the lovely animal print one that I've got on now. I'll show you up close. So this is lovely, a large one. It alternates kind of small, medium, large with matte gold and shiny rings going all the way around. Really, really beautiful. Adjustable chain with a parrot clasp at the very, very top.

Now each of these necklaces do have matching earrings as well. This one has a lovely shiny gold ring at the top with a large resin, part brown and part animal print, kind of motley effect to go with it. Now what's lovely about these earrings in the resin range is that the post comes off the earring part, so instead of sitting down like this, it actually is going to sit up on your ear lobe, which is lovely.

Now they are really, really nice. Here you go. That's the length of it there. It's adjustable, like we said, so you can make the chain shorter to sit higher up on the base of the neck. Now what's really lovely about these is that they mix in nicely with some of our 10-way necklaces as well. For example, you can get the brown agate and layer it up to create a short and long effect with this tan-colored resin necklace. How beautiful is that? You can actually still mix and match, although it's not part of the magnetic range. Now let's look at the beautiful gray resin. These are oval resins with a black line and a silver matte effect with a gorgeous, look at this, teardrop-shaped jewel that appears every so often. The chain is set in silver and very, very nice.

Now because this one... The shapes are very, very, even in size. What you can do with a necklace like this, as well as the pale pink one, is undo it at the back. If you so choose, loop it around once, do the chain back up at the back, and then wear it doubled up in the front. Now the earrings to go with these, how lovely is that, if you like sort of the chunky closer to the base of the neck kind of look. The earrings to go with these are beautiful and what I love about these is that they're really to taken care to make sure they are the exact opposite of each other. So when they're on, each one is the exact opposite of each other, rather than just using the same earring with the design going that way. So that's really, really nice.

And let's have a look at this one. So if you wanted to, you could pop on a platinum crystal to go with that. Be very cute, if you like the long and the short look together. Really nice. Or even give it a framework by shortening by just getting the two connectors. And let me just untangle that a smidge and putting them... "Oh, wow. Look at that."

So you can still create the lovely layered effect with the resin as well. Oh, that's not bad at all. Now, last but not least, we do have the very beautiful soft pink. I'll just undo this one. Now this one's really, really sweet. It comes with the satin silver chain. Look at these resin bits here. My goodness, just divine. Satin silver, little tiny beads, little pieces of pink shell, crystals there as well. And again, it goes all the way around.

This is what it looks like long. And if you wanted to mix and match, if you've already got some pink pieces, I can see the pink crystal looking wonderful with this. Look at just how soft the whole look is. The pink crystal is very, very nice. And if you wanted to, let's just say we get the single strand.

Bing, lower the pink crystal down a little bit, just so you can see that on the white as well. So yeah. Very, very cute. Now the earrings that go with this. These are divine. Love them. Look at this. Look at the design of the resin. Exactly the same as the necklace. Just beautiful. And this is how they would look on. So these are all available now. There's three sets. The pink, the gray, and the tan with the... Sort of starts to look like a bit of an animal print as well. So enjoy the resin necklace ranges that we now have available at