The New Tourmaline Link Range!

June 23, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


You may have seen and love our 10 Way Necklace in the precious stone Tourmaline with its divine colours and unique versatility. It's got lots of neutral and muted pinks, greens, charcoal, and whites, and each piece is truly special. 💜

Well, we've got great news! A stunning new addition to the range has arrived! Meet our Tourmaline Link Range! The necklace looks fantastic paired with the 10 Way Necklace, connectors, its matching bracelet or on its own! 

Plus, 10% of the first week's sales will go to a charity! 

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Watch Maria demonstrate the necklace and share fabulous ways of styling it.

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Short / Long Link Necklace

Short / Long Link Bracelet

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're having a lovely week. Now, you may have seen our precious stone in the tourmaline. Now this is just divine. The colors in it are truly incredible. Look at that. The four mills are faceted and the connectors in the Tenway necklace are smooth. So look at that. It's absolutely lovely. Lots of different kinds of colors here. In the four mill, you get all sorts of colors, like lots of pinks, greens, dark black charcoal, white. It's been incredible.

Now in the 10 mil stone, as you can understand with natural stone, look at these colors. They're really, really different. Little bit of pink light, all very neutral, all very muted. Now, what we've just come up with is the link for the tourmaline. How do I explain this in a short story? We were able to get this lot here through a different supplier. And as you can see, the colors are ever so slightly different. The main, main difference is these gorgeous pinks. Just amazing.

Now the beautiful thing is both tourmalines look amazing together. So that's it there. Isn't that beautiful? So whether you are looking at having the connectors together with it, or the four strands together with it, it really is a stunning combination. Now, let me just hold it for you. I'm wearing the bracelet as well. So it's just like a neutral way of wearing lots of colors. It's just divine. And it goes with so much. Whether you want to mix it with your pinks, your greens, it really has been incredible. So that's already been out, in the link necklace and the bracelet that is just so divine, whether you want to wear it by itself. Or as you probably know, you can actually wear your bracelets and necklaces together.

Now, the wonderful thing that we've decided to do so four times a year, we are doing a fundraising link where the ladies in the Sparkle Sisterhood vote for a new link and it's a limited edition. And we give 10% to a charity that they nominate. What we've decided to do because time got away with this and we weren't organized, we are doing this tourmaline link and we're launching it. And 10% of sales for the first week that it's available, will go to a charity. So we're just wrapped about that.

So, before you miss out on not only the tourmaline link, but also having 10% of your purchase, go towards a charity, please click the link below and go there now and take a really good look. It really is such a stunning item that's going to go with so many different pieces of your Tenway necklace range. And even the purplely lilacs. Because it's got a bit of mauve in it. It's just beautiful. So whether you want to wear it with that, whether you want to wear it with the raspberry, just divine. Of course, with the tourmaline.

But let me show you this too, the aventurine, which has got some of the greens in it and picks it up beautifully. Or whether you just want to go for something neutral, say for example, like the smokey topaz. Because it does have that neutral kind of effect. Oh, just lovely. So as I said, click the link below if that's something that you like. And you can see it going with the rest of your range and will also go to a very good cause.