The Pebbles Kimono & The NEW Chandelier Range!

September 22, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Love bright colours? Prefer neutrals? We've got you covered either way! 💗✨

Meet our new Pebbles Kimono in modal and viscose. It has pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and other gorgeous shades, and you can wear it with any accessories.

We also have a completely new product we're excited to introduce! 

Say hello to the sparkly Chandelier Range with crystal pendants and earrings! It comes in Rose Gold and Silver and is absolutely STUNNING.

Shop the Pebbles Kimono.

Shop the Chandelier Range.

Watch Maria demonstrate the new products and share her favourite ways to style them!

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Chandelier Pendants
Platinum & Champagne

Chandelier Earrings
Platinum & Champagne

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well.

Now, in this week's launch, we've got products for people that love bright colors and for people that love more subdued and neutral colors. But let's start with the bright colors first. The Pebbles Kimono arrived. Oh my goodness, we've only ever had this in a scarf and a cape, and we knew we just had to do it in a Kimono. It's been beautiful and the colors in it, as you can see, are just amazing. Look at the pattern at the back. It's so beautiful. So this is the modal that I'm wearing, and just in case you want to compare it in the two different fabrics, here is the viscose. So both are just beautiful, bright. The viscose is always a little bit of a tone down in color, just simply because the surface of the fabric isn't as smooth as the modal. Having said that, they're both beautiful and soft and flowing.

So this is the modal here. You've got pinks, blues, greens, cream, yellow, oh my goodness, red. You could wear absolutely any color accessories with this. I'm wearing the lapis lazuli, which is gorgeous if you wanted to go for something dark. But just as simple as you could wear the lapis, I mean, look at the red, a beautiful pop with it. And that's not to say that you have to wear bright colors. You can always just choose to wear something like, for example, the champagne, because not only is there a little bit of that kind of color here, but you could just let the kimono do the talking and bring down the level of accessories, so as in the color saturation. So it's just really up to you, whether you want to dress this up or you want to dress this down.

Now that brings me to the next product. I'm just going to take off the Pebbles so you can really see this. We've got a completely new product and they've just turned out beautiful. We're just bringing them out one by one in different colors. So we've started with two of these colors. It's called the chandelier range, and they come in a pendant as well. This is the pendant here. Oh my gosh, that's amazing. And the earring. So as you can see, this is called a bicone crystal. Now it's a different shaped crystal to anything we've ever used. It's basically a diamond with a line, with the thread pole going up the center of it. So in the pendant they're six mills, and in the earrings, they're four mills, and every single one is threaded onto a pin, a little loop at the end, and they're all attached perfectly to a chain. And there's so many crystals you can't even see the chain. It's so beautiful.

So let's get to some styling. Now you can wear this in a few different ways, which is awesome. And there's no front or back. So no matter which way this turns, isn't it pretty? It's so nice, and there's just beautiful, subtle sparkle. It's really, really divine. So whether you want to wear this short and simple, layered up like that, whether you want to pop in the connectors and allow it to be a medium length like that, which is really, really nice, whether you want to, for example, add some mini connectors and add it underneath as well, to make it even longer, keep it nice and simple. That is just so beautiful. And or, pop in the rest of the 10 Way Necklace to have it layered and short.

Now that is just the beginning of the kind of stylings that you'll be able to create. We haven't even gotten started as far as adding different things to it. It just goes on and on.

Now, I just want to show you in proportion, the earrings. So I'm not going to put them on, but if I was to wear them, that's how long they are compared to the earring. They're a really nice ratio in size. We worked on getting them just the right size, and if I kept it short and simple, that's how they look there. So I've matched this perfectly. That's the champagne with the champagne. The champagne is only available in the rose gold, and then you've got the platinum. So just quickly, I'll show you this with the platinum crystal, which is truly divine. So that's that there. So, oh, it's just amazing. And whether you want to wear it, dress it up and make it more dressy or keep it nice and simple like that, is totally up to you.

But let's just say, for example, we bring it back, the Pebbles, that's got so much lovely color to it. Let's get a color out of this, shall we? So for example, we'll grab the raspberry 10 Way Necklace. Because they're neutrals, don't forget, they're going to go with everything. And the platinum only comes in the silver, silver magnets, I should say. Now look at that. That's just gorgeous. And whether you want to frame this with a long strand and just give it a little bit of framework there, which I love. I love a good frame on a pendant. I'm not going to lie. It's just beautiful. So that's our chandelier earring and pendant collection, which is brand new. They're going to be coming in more colors soon, and also the gorgeous Pebbles Kimono.