This Month's Bespoke Link Necklaces Are Here!

August 17, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Hi, everyone. Our link necklaces have been so popular. Our range now is just blowing out because people keep coming up with their own ideas. We have been doing bespoke link necklaces for a little while now. And some of them are just so beautiful, we are deciding to keep some of them on. So here was our most recent. We decided to try to get a matching style, a color that matches the raspberry crystal for such a long time. And we finally found this beautiful ... It's like a ruby/raspberry agate. It's just divine. So that's the latest. That's now available in both color bracelets, both color necklaces, as well as earrings. So each month we ask the sisterhood to come up with their own bespoke links and we do a bit of a juggle to see what we like best, what we decided to do and move forward with.

Now, the ones for this month that we are taking pre-orders for, and there will be about a three week wait from now to have them made and get them out to you. So yeah, three week wait to have the made and then we'll ship them out. So there we go.

Now, here is what we're doing. These will stay on the website for one week and then they will come off. Okay. They will come down never to be seen again, let's just say. So we are doing a satin silver, platinum and white howlite. So this is really actually lovely and fresh. It isn't unsimilar ... Oh, sorry. One second. It also will come in the golden crystal satin yellow and white howlite and it will also come in the satin rose gold champagne crystal and white howlite. Okay? And it really lovely and fresh, especially worn with some white. They really, really pop. Again, these will be available in long short necklaces, long short bracelets, and long short earrings as well. Just for the week. Okay? So just to show you, here is an example of the long earring. Okay? So crystal satin rose, satin yellow and stone, and then we'll also have a short version just to keep us on our toes. And they're lovely too. Just be two of the stones as well. Okay?

So yes, they are similar to the satin silver and ice link that we already have. Please know that these have been on the website for a little while now. They remain a constant, but this version will just be on for one week. Okay? So it's something new that we decided to do as the sparkle sisterhood just kept coming up with the most amazing ideas. And we just thought we'd keep the idea going. So that's one link that we're doing this month.

The next link variation we'll be doing this month is midnight crystal and metal. So there's a midnight crystal and there it is there. Wow, how beautiful is that? So midnight crystal. Let me put something a bit midnight here, shall I? There we go. Better coloring for this. So midnight crystal. There it is with the rose. Here it is with the silver, silver version, just like that really pretty. And then last but not least, here it is with the yellow gold. Okay? So that's it there. Beautiful. Really, really nice. Okay. So that's that.

And again, earrings to match. Short long necklace and bracelet. And last but certainly not least, we are doing a white howlite. I mean, yes, yes, white howlite and turquoise crystal as well. And one second, let me just removed this, because it's amazing how colors can throw you off when you see too many things close together. Look at that. That's really lovely and bright and fresh. The reason why we're doing three this month is because there was another one that's already gone. We used the lilac crystal, the pink, the ice, and the ice and the abay crystal in a link. And oh my god, it was stunning. That one went off.

We're actually going to do that permanently. We're going to get it in and just let you know when it's all in, but these ones, they came second, third and fourth equally. Let's just say that. So we just thought we'd do them all and give you the opportunity for the week. So that's what's happening. I hope you enjoy your links. That can be worn in so many different ways. And one of my favorite ways is to get a pendant, bring it around the front and pop it in the front. Actually, I'm going to get the denim. Just like that. One of my favorite ways to wear the link.