You Can Never Go Wrong With Pink!

September 05, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Pink always adds a little pep in my step. That's why I'm in LOVE with our entire pink 10 Way Necklace range

💗 Pink Agate 

💗 Rose Quartz 

💗 Pink Crystal

💗 Rose Gold

Wonder how each shade looks side by side and also mixed together? See side-by-side comparisons and get styling ideas in this video!

Watch Maria demonstrate all the colours and share her fabulous styling ideas! 

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10 Way Necklace
Pink Agate

10 Way Necklace
Rose Quartz

10 Way Necklace
Pink Crystal

10 Way Necklace
Satin Rose Gold

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. In this video, I will be comparing the shades of pink that we have in the range, just side by side so you can really get a good feel of how they look side by side and mixed together as well. So, I've gotten out the pink agate, which is really, really pretty. Some white mottled through there and just lovely and soft. Then you've got the AB ... Sorry, no, no, no, not the AB, the rose quartz.

The rose quartz is the softest shade of pink that you could ever imagine. There you go, against the white, you can really see more of that pink coming through. Then we've got the crystal, the pink crystal, which is like a crystal version of the rose quartz. It's just beautiful. They do look amazing together, and it's just a really lovely soft look.

Now I've included the rose gold in this, because it is considered a pinkish metal. So it's also a color that's going to go beautifully with all of these pinks. So let me show you one by one and mixed in together. So here is the pink agate mixed with the rose quartz, absolutely divine, can do no wrong, really.

And that's the other thing that I wanted to show you these videos for. Say, for example, you like pink. But you're not sure if the two pinks will go together, they will. No matter what shades of one color that you mix, they will always look good together. And in these series of videos, I'll show you what I mean.

So whether it's shades of purple, shades of green, shades of blue, they really do look amazing together. There is the pink gold, pinky rose gold with the pink agate, just divine. And last but not least here is the pink crystal with the pink agate. Oh, my gosh, so pretty, so, so nice. And just a nice mix of softness with strength.

Now, and don't try this at home, holding four 10 way necklaces on your arms in one go. Then let's have a look at the soft ones. So the rose quartz and the pink crystal together, I did it again. If you ever get tangled with your jewelry, please just undo a magnet and find your way out that way. Don't try and untangle them just straight off the bat, undo a magnet. It makes it a lot easier.

So here are the two soft ones. Heaven on a stick, the beautiful pink crystal, along with the rose quartz, natural stone, just divine. Love, love, love them. And then, so let's look at the other way. Let's go with rose gold and pink crystal. Really, really pretty. As I said, the rose gold is a pinkish metal. So they are always going to look fantastic together. And it's also considered a neutral since ... Rose gold, silver and yellow gold, they're considered neutral so that each one does go with a lot.

And here is the, oh, rose gold with the rose quartz. Oh, my gosh. Okay. So let's have a little look. Let's do, oh, I know what we can do. Let's do a bit of a balayage effect. And by that, I mean, going from lighter to darker. So let's go with the rose quartz, as you can see. Yes, very, very soft. Then let's go with a rose gold in the middle, and then let's give it a pop at the bottom. And the way I'm doing this is the top one does not have a connector.

The rose gold has one connector and the pink agate has two connectors. By doing this, they will sit underneath each other across the entire 10 way necklace range, beautifully and perfectly. They were made to do this. Okay. So then if you wanted to add a ... Now, I could add the pink crystal in, but oh, with the rose quartz instead. Beautiful.

And if you wanted to add a pink link, whether you choose to give that a little bit of space as well, let's put one connector in because layering is huge. Oh, my goodness, that's just beautiful. Just beautiful. And of course the pink link has the rose quartz, pink agate, pink crystal. So it's got everything except the rose gold in it anyway. So it's going to look fantastic with all of them.

So whether you want to layer it on top or pop a single strand into your link and let it hang underneath by giving all of these a little bit of space. So there's just a little bit of styling with the pink pieces that we have in our collection.