Your Ultimate Inspiration For Styling Kimonos & Necklaces

January 26, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, did you know that a Kimono + your 10 Way, Link Necklaces and sparkly accessories equal endless fabulous looks? 😍

Need fresh ideas on how to style them? As always, your styling guru Maria has got you covered!

Watch her share inspiration and tips on styling Kimonos and Necklaces in the latest video! 

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Peacock Feather Teal

10 Way Necklace
Teal Crystal

10 Way Necklace

Deep Purple Crystal


(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. I made this video with this ensemble on, but it was just so cute. I couldn't bear take it off without sharing what I did with it. So it was just really lovely. So what I've done is of course, I've got the teal in the Viscose in the kimono and what I did with it, I've got the... Let me sort of get you up close. Can I do that? Hang on. All right, here we go. All right. So I've got the purple crystal in the tassel, the purple link and then I've got the malachite triple strand and the teal in the triple strand up on top. And wow. I just love it. I love the way it almost like mimics the peacock feather in all of the...

And you'll find that whether you are wearing the black, the teal or the white, this look is just going to go with all of it, because it really mimics the peacock feather. It's just divine. Let me see if I can grab the white one super quick. Or actually having said that I'm going to put it with a Palm leaf as well. So as you can see, as long as you're picking up some colors in your clothing, it is just so easy to have it look fabulous.

So for example, let's take the purple crystal off right now for this, and then let's take the purple link. I'm going to leave the teal and the malachite right there, and even that by itself is just gorgeous. And then I'm going to grab the rum. I'm going to grab the show champagne and the [inaudible 00:01:47] necklace and pop that on as well.

Now, if I leave both connectors in, on both sides, it should, everything proving well, it should look amazing because the champagne is so soft. Really, it's just so soft it's divine. And as you can see, there's a little bit of champagne shadowing just through here, really, really lovely. And whether you want to layer it underneath, layer it underneath, or whether you want to raise it by removing a connector or putting in a mini instead, and just having that really nice layered effect, just amazing.

Speaking of layered effects, there's a lovely, layered link that I just absolutely love. And it's mixing a few of the... It's playing with a few of these. So for example, get the triple tone and one of the other colors. So whether you get gold, satin silver, totally up to you, but I just want to show you something. So say for example, I put in... Now these are all regular lengths. Okay? So whether you want to make it a bit shorter, a bit longer, totally up to you. So whether you want to pop that there and then... Oh, it can be hard to tell which one's a magnet, can't it? So it can be hard to tell which one's a magnet. So the best is to when you're undoing it, look in the mirror because all the beads are exactly the same size. These are all 10 mills as is the magnet. So as you are feeling along to try and find the magnet, it's often very difficult to find it.

Now, look at this. This is the triple tone, along with the silver on the inside. Do not hesitate to layer your link necklaces. They do look truly amazing. I'm going to get one half of a mini. Mini connector to give this yellow gold, just a little more length. I don't want it to sit too far lower down, but I do want it to drop down a little bit. So look at that. Just really quite beautiful. So that's just a little different idea on some accessorizing and I hope you enjoy it. So take care everyone and we'll be speaking to you very, very soon. Keep sparkling.