More Than Jewellery: Helping Women In Need!

September 12, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


As you may already know, we're passionate about helping people in need. And today, we've got some fantastic news. ✨

We've joined forces with a charitable organisation, “Eden”!

Their jewellery helps women escape human trafficking in Myanmar by rescuing them from the brothels, giving them sanctuary and supporting them through recovery.

We're very proud and happy to be a part of these efforts and are sure you'll be thrilled to contribute to the cause too.

Watch Maria demonstrate the jewellery they make and talk about the incredibly creative ways they help the women escape their horrific situation. 

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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. I've got something a bit special that we've done to tell you. We've joined forces with a company called This is Eden. Their jewellery helps saves women, young women, that have found themselves in a situation of human trafficking. This company works mainly in Burma, which, to be precise, Myanmar in Burma, and it's just incredible what they do. They visit the brothels, connect with the girls there. They let them in, because they tell the brothel owner that they have gifts to give to the girls, and they're going to chat about women's business, okay? So while they're there, they give them a little heart pendant, right? Now, it's like a little promise, that we will be back for you. You are not forgotten. I know this is a lot of information, but I just want to give you a bit of a picture about what we have decided to join forces with.

And within the next two or three weeks of having visited, the whole visit only takes about 10 minutes, they're in and out, they will come back within two or three weeks and rescue the girls, okay? They also leave them with phone numbers in case there's an emergency or in case they escape or something like that. And they actually will pick them up or look after them at that point. Now, from that point onwards, they bring them to this sanctuary called Eden. They give them the support that they need to get through obviously emotional and physical trauma, and they also give them a job. They pay them full time to only work half the time that they're there, sorry, a full-time wage for half of the hours working, the other half is getting rehabilitated, okay? They're surrounded by girls that have been through a similar thing to them, so they can all relate to each other.

And it's truly just incredible. So let me show you the jewelry that's available right now and available. Now, please, I'm going to show you, most of it is in yellow gold. Some of it we can get in silver gold. We are working on rose gold. And this is something that we will continue to sell on our website and support, okay? Now, in case we haven't done it by the time you see this video, we are going to actually create a category in the website called jewelry for charity, and it's going to be of all the different things that we do. For now, you would just find this in the other jewelry section. So to get started, you've got this beautiful pendant here that is half matte yellow gold, half matte black. This is the only color it comes in for the moment.

They slide up and down the chain, and when they're bought together, they make a perfect heart. Okay? They come in a short length chain, which I'm holding, and a longer length chain, which I'm wearing. Okay? So it's about a 32 inch and an 18 inch, and there is a little bit of adjustable chain at the back, so you can still have a little more room to play with. So, that's those two there. Just divine. Now, if you need to search any of this jewelry, if you type in Eden in the search bar, all of these pieces will come up if you're finding it hard to find them. Now, secondly, we have a gorgeous I am brave collection, which is just divine. So starting with the I am brave pendant. Isn't that amazing? It's just beautiful. And, sorry, all of this jewelry is stainless steel. The yellow gold has been plated with 18 karat gold and the silver is just stainless steel, okay?

So this is how it comes, in a long chain as well. The earrings to go with this, there is a couple that go beautifully with this. So we've got the I am brave. Now, the reason why they're called I am brave is in Burmese, the text I am brave is played into the pattern. Okay? So that's that there. Now these are just divine on. They sit like that. They're beautiful. All of this jewelry is very lightweight. I will not sell any jewelry that isn't lightweight. I've been in the jewelry industry a long time, and I know that it can get very tiresome on the neck, pull too much on the earlobes, so I just don't sell it. Now, while I'm showing you the I am brave drop earrings, let me show you the packaging. Every single piece will come in packaging like this.

There's a story on the back. There's a brochure inside discussing the story of the place, the girls, and everything, so it's just amazing. And part of what the girls are then trained into is packaging the jewelry and making the jewelry, designing the jewelry. It's just truly amazing. So the other earrings that go with the I am brave pendant is this double drop. Now, that's it there. Really amazing. Look at that. Just beautiful. What I also love about this, you can tell they've worked with an actual jewelry designer. The post is at the bottom of this top ring. So although I have tiny, tiny earlobes, and the hole is at the bottom, this post makes it sit perfectly on my earlobe, so I can vouch for that. So there's the matching pieces there. Just beautiful.

And there's another pair of hoop earrings, although they aren't exactly the I am brave. They've got Roman numerals on them. And so they're wide, right? Which also means on a small earlobe, they sit really, really well. They don't drag the hole down. They hug a wider span of the skin. If you know what I mean? So I haven't worn dangles for ages. And now I've been living in the hoops and the drop, the double drop. Absolutely love them. So there's that there. They go really beautifully together. The silver version of these are that, just so you can see. Once again, and if you're gentle, you can actually squeeze them together to make a bit of a smaller hoop. Okay? So there's that there. Now also too, I didn't show you these earrings do also come in a silver color. Okay? So, that's them there. Now, you've also got a fantastic bangle. This is beautiful. I love this. This is my one.

And here it is in the silver. So you can actually ease it out, ease it in to, and what you do, this is how you put this on. You just put it on the small of your wrist like that. And once it's on, you can then choose to squeeze it together a little bit, a little bit, or leave it as is, because you don't want to create a point at which you are bending all the time. As long as you're gentle with it and you only do it slightly, it'll be absolutely fine. And stainless steel is very strong anyway. Now the last of the earrings, excuse moi, are some hoop ones. I got some fine hoop ones. These are called knots of freedom. They've got a knot evenly placed all the way around. These come in, yellow gold. And mind you, all the posts in the earrings are sterling silver.

They come in a silver, which is very, very pretty. Just a nice little fine pair of earrings. Just really, really, really fine. And this is a bit different. They did a threaded version, which has lots of light, a rust colored thread, a blue thread, pink, green, and repeat. And the yellow knot is showing all the way through. So that's super cute, just for a little bit of color. So nice. Now, last but not least. What I decided to do with this chain pendant, because it's a great shape, and we are working on getting a lot of this in silver, if it doesn't already exist in silver, and rose gold, I really do want to do this range in the rose gold, is I've turned it into a magnetic pendant, which has already been incredibly popular in the sisterhood.

So this, I've taken the chain off, and turned it into a magnetic pendant. Now, let me show you the joy of the I am brave magnetic pendant. Here's how just a few ways that you can wear it. So there's that there. Isn't that beautiful? It's a lovely addition to our pendant range. That's just divine. And then, of course, you could start to frame it. So whether you want to frame it with the rest of your 10-way necklace like that, whether you want to add connectors and bring this one level down, just like that. Just depending on what you're wearing, you might want to wear it a little bit lower. You might want to pop this at the top, like that, or whether you want to grab, let me just get a different, oh, here we go.

I'll get the lapis lazuli in the long strand. So whether you want to grab a long strand, have it like that. That is so, so nice. Or whether you want to grab your long strand, double it up and then wear it shorter. Let me just take this off. It's totally up to you. So that is our charity link. They do amazing work and I met the girl, Michelle, that is taking control of the Australian sector of this fundraising, and just a beautiful soul. Absolutely beautiful, so passionate. And I'm just thrilled that we can be contributing towards helping these girls. So that's the Eden range, the charity range, and I hope you like it.