New GORGEOUS Kimonos and Champagne Crystal Pieces

November 03, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Create fabulous styles with our new Kimonos (sooo pretty!) and the latest additions to our Champagne Crystal accessory range!


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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're really well and you're having a lovely week. Now, we've had a couple more new addition kimonos to the range. This is a take of the olive floral and we're going to call this one the mustard floral simply because the color turned out just a little more mustard gold, and I love it. I think it's absolutely beautiful and it's just divine. But it's only in the modal. For now it's only in the modal, which is the slightly more softer and more substantial fabric. It's of the sheer fabric but it's just beautiful. Really, really nice. Bit more room in this. Like I said before, fit size is Australian 10 to 22, which is just beautiful. We've also got some more crystal pieces in the champagne range. So I'm wearing the champagne 10 Way necklace here. Now we've got the Circle of Life in the champagne. Just divine.

We weren't able to get a whole lot, so please be mindful of that when you're ordering. We've also got the champagne leaves, which are just beautiful. These are great for adding a little spot of detail in the front just like that, or whether you want to add them to the side for a little pop of detail. So worn individually or as twos in a pair is so, so cute. And the other one we have is the oval in the champagne. Now, meanwhile, to go with all of these, we've got beautiful medium-sized champagne teardrops. These are just lovely. And as you can see, they pop nicely against dark hair. So that can be an issue sometimes when wearing earrings with dark hair, but the champagne pops really nicely when you have a backdrop of ... and without it, it's a bit hard to see because my background is very busy, but they're very, very sweet, really nice. So that's that.

So the oval, let me show you what this looks like if you were going to put them side by side. So the oval and the leaf, that's them there. So as you can see slimmer, little bit longer, and then the leaf is shorter, a little bit wider. So here is them against fabric. As you can see, they go beautifully with that, really, really pretty. So that's that there.

Now, the next new piece. So we've got three pendants, earrings, and oh my gosh, I have to show you this. We've got the champagne pearl connector. Would you look at that? Real freshwater pearls with the champagne. And what we did was we actually got them this time in silver and rose gold magnet. So you can actually mix them in with other pieces and I'll show you what it looks like. So for example, there it is. They're really, really lovely, the champagne and the rose gold. Whether you want to add a touch of detail, pop it in just like that. Really, really nice. As we know, there's so many ways to style them.

But let's get something a little more silvery. And while I'm doing that, grab the next kimono. Yes, lilac leaves. This is divine. We've got this in the viscose and the modal. This is the viscose as well as the modal. Let me show you the difference. If I have them on at the same time, see how the viscose is sheerer. The modal is always more solid, which means there's more color in the modal fabric, which makes it more vibrant. So there's the difference in the two. So you can see them. Really, really easy to see and very, very pretty color. Now, let me just pop this back on. Now, if I grab a ... our girls are leaving for the day.

Now, let me just grab a platinum. Now, I haven't actually had a play with this yet, but let's see. Let's just see ... the platinum goes really, really nicely with this, doesn't it? I'm going to get the champagne with the silver magnets. You could add a little bit of warmth. See that there? Super cute actually. So whether you want to be adding that kind of thing there, it does actually lend itself. So once again, let's look at the yellow gold. The yellow gold again is going to go really, really well. Let me grab the satin yellow and then we've got the feature connectors with the champagne crystal, and this is mixed in with ... oh, that's really, really nice. Now, meanwhile, it wouldn't be right if I didn't show you what the lilac crystal looks like with the lilac leaves kimono. Woohoo.

Wow. Just beautiful. So lovely and fresh. And that's it plain. Again, whether you want to see it with amethyst ... oh wow. The two together look wonderful, don't they? That is so cute. Let's pop in just for kicks a champagne pendant to the side into this beautiful mix. And there you go. So that's how it looks to the side there. Really, really sweet. That's what is available right now on the website. The gorgeous champagne pendants, teardrop earrings, the lilac leaves kimono and the mustard floral kimono. Take a look now at all the new things.