Purple Crystal Rain For Your Collection!

September 12, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Did you know that purple is a royal colour? Yes! And all of us Queens deserve to look absolutely fabulous! 👑

Our 10 Way Necklace range has three stunning shades of purple that look gorgeous on their own and when paired together. 

Curious? This video explores them all! 

💜 Lilac Crystal

💜 Deep Purple Crystal

💜 Amethyst Natural Stone 

Maria also compares the Black Crystal and Midnight Crystal ranges as many of you have asked to see them side by side.

Watch Maria demonstrate the colours and share her styling ideas!

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10 Way Necklace
New Lilac Crystal

10 Way Necklace
Deep Purple Crystal

10 Way Necklace

(Video Transcript)

In this video, we'll be comparing the purple tones that we have in the collection. So we've got the beautiful lilac crystal, which is just divine. The lovely deep purple crystal that's been in the range for quite a while now. And the amethyst natural stone. Really, really beautiful. Now to see them compared to each other is very, very helpful in case you're a purple lover and you're trying to pick your favorite. But just know that they do go together beautifully and go together with a lot of other purples as well.

So firstly, mixing the lilac crystal, along with the deep purple crystal. Wow, the lilac is so surprising to me. It just lends itself beautifully with so many colors, so many colorings of skin and hair color. It's just this beautiful, soft, just sparkle of magic. It really is divine. And so, that's it there.

Then if you wanted to mix it with some of the purple ... Now, if you ever wanted to layer your 10 way necklaces across, a lot of people mix different colors, I would always recommend putting the stronger color underneath and it's because it tends to dominate the styling. Do want to unravel that. Okay, there we go. Tends to dominate the styling. So for example, here it is here with the lilac underneath. Now, if you put the lilac on top, you do see more of the lilac. Or what you can do is simply by grabbing a mini connector or an extender. You still get a little more length in the top layer, but by having them not exactly on top of each other and kind of on top of each other, you still get to see more of this color on its own. They're not sort of directly on top of each other. So to give this color a little more visual effect, if you like. So that's out there.

Then you've got the beautiful amethyst and the natural stone that's got all the different shades running through. It's a truly beautiful stone. Of course, been around for a long time. Now, this goes well with all three. So whether you are wanting to give the lilac crystal a bit of a pop or a point of difference like that, whether you're wanting to blend it with the deep purple crystal and have a really deep effect, look at this, whenever you're doing similar colors, it's just amazing.

People also often ask us to compare the black and the midnight crystal so let me show you those as well in this video. So often, it happens all the time. This is how they look side by side. As you can tell, the midnight's got like a mercury kind of gray steel kind of effect. It's just beautiful. The black is elegant. Black is black. Black will never be replaced. And it's just beautiful. Now, if you were to intermix them together, they do create just a really elegant effect.

So say for example, you are wanting to mix them. Actually, here's another little way to mix them. You put the triple strand, one connector in or two, to the side. Okay, so there's the black. Then you put the same thing again, a connector, a triple strand with it. Now, if you bring the magnets together, they want to be together. They'll attract to each other, they'll stick together and they'll stay there. So then you've got this like, unbeknownst to others, it's two necklaces, but they're sitting perfectly on top of each other like it's meant to be, and you've got this beautiful effect right there. So, that is how the mixing of midnight and black crystal and all our lilac and purples look together.